DF Feral tree is a huge dissappointment

When I look at the choices presented to other classes (like warrior) most of their tree feels impactful and awesome. I look at the feral tree and it’s mostly things we already have, with things taken away as well.

Please for the love of all that is holy, fix this.

  • Scent of blood is a lame talent and speaks volumes about the issues feral has. Swipe is lame, and Brutal slash gimps swipe quite a bit in some scenarios.

  • Brutal slash should be removed or swipe dmg needs to be buffed up.

  • Additionally - Brutal slash also has removed swipe in bear form since its release (why does it gimp bear even more while specced feral?)

  • Improved prowl should be 1 point, not 2 with the same effects

  • Improved bleeds should be base-line change and not a talent

  • Berserk needs to be reduced to a 1.5min cd.

  • Primal wrath needs to be baseline, or removed and reworked

  • Taste for blood so 9% increase in bite damage? Boring.

  • Having to spec for Survival instincts feels real bad. This should be baseline, and the talent should increase the charge by 1.

  • Berserk: Jungle Stalker - Boring, and should be baseline. Also berserk is a horrible CD to begin with @ 3 mins.

  • Adaptive swarm - Ok cool, we are getting the necrolord ability, however, we are druids, why are we doing shadow damage? We are nature-based. This is more of a flavor thing, but shouldnt it do nature damage? … This made sense when it was necrolord-bound… but it doesnt anymore.

  • Apex / Draught feels like they should be seperate talents on opposite ends of the tree.

Thanks for listening.


I still don’t know why adaptive swarm and convoke are in the spec trees. Why put the same talents in all the spec trees instead of the class tree if you want everyone to have the option available to them? Makes no sense to me.


Pass the copium please.


I spit my drink out to this. Thanks for the laugh!


i peeped this tree and it looked awful to me, feral tree is just shadowlands feral but in DF?
not to mention to get pred swiftness u have to get primal wrath a pve aoe choice, and why is pred swiftness even something you have to pick it should be baseline

where do u give feedback, they need it


yeah the early talents require too much points, and going down both sides to get a fully functional beserk is… meh

ended up with this:

I can’t pass the barrel, i need it all, and it’s too heavy.


Just without the soulbinds that are propping up Convoke in the first place with that massive mastery spike for example.

There is a thread in the Dragonflight Alpha forum for Druids, it just hasn’t gotten any response whatsoever from a dev, so good luck.


Day 29 and still no response.


It’s terrible and the person who’s job it is to fix better be listening to feedback.

More disappointing to me is the utter lack of response, or even acknowledgement.

They already quit actually.


He should have quit long ago, he has no ability to design druids at all
Especially the Feral part, how long has it been rotten?
He only left one sentence at the end “I like Conflux of Elements the most”

WTF?? Isn’t it just a matter of choosing one of the four rubbish that’s still worth it (PVE)
The melee angle, which will also be interrupted, is a really speechless design.


I’m actually glad he quit. Maybe some pain right now, but the possibility of some FRESH BLOOD with a new perspective

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They better hurry … it’s only 3 months till rumored release.

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Yea I’m actually really considering rolling WW in DF. They have so many cool new talents to choose all at once now and look insane. Feral unfortunately just got pruned. They took our kit and completely blew it up, nerfing our cc, and forcing unwanted options(for me in PVP at least which is primarily what I care about) like Primal Wrath.

Like, why even take our existing Tiger’s Fury and make it need 3 talents to be what it is now? Conversely I could use those points to create a shadow of our current berserk? So build a mediocre 3 minute cool down at the cost of losing Tiger’s Fury as we know it today? Yea, sentiments are pretty universal about how bad the feral tree is currently. I think what’s already needed to be said has been and we’re left waiting…

I just finished leveling my old feral druid to lvl 60, cause I missed playing him and was thinking about starting Dragonflight with him.

Then I went to the talent tree calculator for feral Dragonflight and now I look like an idiot, wishing I could refund my leveling time. Thats how bad I feel about that tree.