DF Druid Tree Feedback

Guardian Moonfire, its got a lot more options in the new tree which is fine, but my feedback is animation. Instead of Moonfire coming down from above, how about we shoot Moonfire from our bear face at the target like a Pokemon using hyperbeam or Godzillas energy beam. We should also make a bear roar sound when we do it.

Guardian, Making us choose between Incarnation and Convoke the Spirits is a bit low balled considering lots of us have gotten use to rotating both as a choice, Rend and Tear really isnt so amazing it deserves to be an end of tree talent, they could be split up and rend could be moved or combined in another talent further up the tree.

Restoration, We need a form for this like every other aspect of being a druid comes with a connection to nature. Tree form should be a standard form with benefits.
100% armor increase, cause your a tree.
every 2 seconds you are stationary you gain a stack of Earth Power, increasing healing done and reducing damage taken by 2% up to a max of 20%. Stacks fall off after 10 seconds individually so you can root in a place gather up stacks and run with diminishing stacks stopping to try and refresh stacks during fights.
Wishlist for Restoration, a new Tree form. A skinnier version of the Ancient Guardian with gangly legs kind of like Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy, then we could stay in that form for vehicle events, mounts, without it looking ridiculous or buggy or just removing us from the shape to fit in a scenario scene.

Okay the real seriousness of what Druids want. We want Barber Shop customization of our different forms. Fur colors, Antlers/Horns, Brambles, Tattoos, Decorative medallions or armor pieces. Let us pimp out our bear, cat, moonkin, tree, travel forms with options, this alone would make druids lose their minds in the woods.

Unlockable customization options based on Covenant or Achievements, example…
Fae Wings should be a permanent toggle option for Fae Covenant druids that can be turned on or off at a Barbershop on an individal form basis.

If you need some catnip, I know a guy…

Please no. That’s one of the things I actually like about using the Werebear form over the standard bear models, you don’t have the same idle roar sounds that drive me bonkers.

I haven’t used Convoke since S1 and frankly it’s really one of those things that when used in trivial content scenarios, it’s fine but it looses its value the higher you go into challenging content because the high risk isn’t worth the mediocre reward you gain from it.

Frankly, RnT’s placement is fine because it’s a choice with Untamed Savagery, which is really amazing and therefore it’s a no-brainer. There will be situations where RnT will be better, most likely in Raid situations if you dive that far down but overall that talent will almost always be US unless you’re just not going down that path.

I want treants to be a optional node with full moon. Treants are such a useless ability, they are bad version of Mops treants, would rather have anything else other than these taunt\treants as a ability in the early parts of the tree… Even mushroom would be better here.