DF disc, glass cannon?

DF Disc, glass cannon?

If the design of disc is to be the

  • least mobile healer
  • least/worst personal defensive healer
  • low utility (mass dispel no longer removing block/bubble, no kick, only short range fear for cc, lose mind games)

To balance this the hps and dps of disc will have to be higher than all the other healers. This could lead to an interesting high risk high reward play style…

this is how the class currently works aside from the MD removing block/bubble. but everything else in your bullet points is literally Slands healer priest.

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Actually, disc isn’t all that bad right now.

Priest itself is the squishiest healer in its damage mitigation options for sure, but Disc both has its externals which it can use on itself (you generally don’t want to but it’s there). But they also have a synergy I think people are ignoring with Aegis of Wrath and Void Shield.

Void Shield only steals up to the cap of your initial PW:S, and that includes crit. On PTR right now with Aegis of Wrath, I can crit myself for ~40k without rapture. I then decay slowly due to Aegis of wrath, but Void Shield constantly refills my absorb up to that 40k. Essentially it means we have a huge period of time with an absorb that you get 30% leech for, on top of borrowed time giving you 8% haste each time you cast it on yourself. And with decent haste, your PW:S CD scales (at 30% I have a 5.4s cooldown on PW:S).

So in a scenario where I was trying to keep myself alive, I’m WAY tankier than a holy priest as-is right now.

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we are the squishiest class easily, im not talking just disc both specs are down bad for something even in the blue post PW:S is a joke as part of our survivability.

on the beta rn im at ilvl 347 i have 135k hp if i pws myself i get a 24k shield non crit. not sure where youre getting 30% leech? but its something that could easily be eaten by a raid mechaninc. Also interruping your ramp window to pws yourself to survive raid mechanics feels bad, we deserve better is the biggest argument.

Again, Wrath + Void Shield. Void Shield acts as leech for your absorb, essentially, and the “cap” that void shield can reach is whatever your initial PW:S is. Meaning that you can consistently refresh the shield up to the max value of Aegis - before it began decaying. It’s a specific talent setup, but it’s very strong when put together to the point where I’m thinking it’s gonna be standard for a lot of content (probably not raid, because AoW is bad in raid)

i respected to have those talents before i made the post. so my math was correct i just forgot to put it in the description. my original post was in a raiding environment where we are the squish is detrimental that we just lack a decent defensive.

Yeah, as I said Priest is still the squishiest healer, and in raid, you probably have to save Pain Supp for yourself in any fight that it isn’t needed.

Otherwise we’re reliant on Masochism/Fade and DP. DP is only good against single hit raid mechanics, though.

But it’s still much scarier being a hpriest besides maybe taking the X’anshi talent.

we might be losing masochism it sounds like they’re about to ax Smend.

my argument isn’t whos worse its that both specs deserve better.

I’m aware. I’m thinking they won’t remove Smend entirely after a lot of the feedback though. Even the content creator feedback that they seem to pay attention to (Max, Jak, etc) have talked about removing Smend being weird, and if it did go something would need to be in its place.

I was responding more to OP’s talk about Disc being the weakest in the game. I don’t think that’s really true, actually, but more for disc specifically. In raid, we’re still as squishy as ever, but outside that environment we aren’t looking that bad right now.

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Dream on. I think the devs hate disc. They make anyone who plays it suffer–that I know. Perhaps the devs think martyrdom suits the spec.


Wait… what?! MD losing immunity removal from block and bubble?!


well it dose until prepatch

Wait what MD no longer removes block/bubble?

What are they smoking?