"DF being rushed" ...but IS IT?

Keep in mind there won’t be 8,237,435 new systems.

Might just be ok.


There’s being optimistic and then there’s copium.


Blizzard doesn’t have the good will to cash in on that belief.


just stop. its a valid point.

no torghast
no systems
no major lawsuit


You don’t know there won’t be systems. Or lawsuits.


Maybe, maybe not, who knows but them. Depends on what they internally gave up on SL and started putting all in on DF. But we’ll see. I’m usually pretty nonchalant about things mainly because I play casually a few hours a week and don’t do high end.

Hit level cap then speak to me

See, this? This is copium.

We haven’t even seen Alpha yet and you’re already heels dug into the ground that there won’t be any kind of systems or bad things.


Expecting GD to be open-minded with anything blizzard says or does is amusing. 95% of the people here are going to complain regardless of outcome.


What have you done? The trees are the systems.

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That’s not a high bar.

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It’s not really possible to say one way or the other, but a good point I saw raised is that typically, new expansions would’ve been announced at Blizzcon 5+ months ago, so if we’re taking that into account the timeline makes more sense.

We’ve seen nothing to do with how complex the Dragon riding will be. Or how much like covenants the organization we’re working with will be.

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rofl just had to put that in there, huh? :stuck_out_tongue: Gotta get the jabs while we can


You say this and Cinder says im on copium.

Add covid if you want

If you’re just memeing, I don’t even know who you really are to have context of it.


Handcuffing the new class and race together reduces the work by a huge amount.


You are just an angry angry angry boy arent u

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Considering it is just the initial release of the expansion, they have clearly be working upon it in the background for a while now and they have the rest of this expansion going forward (as season 4 will take almost no effort as it is just a rehash of all the previous content) they will probably have enough time to get a typically expansion release out without too much trouble.

Hell even the alpha and beta testing we do isn’t more than 2-3 months.

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They’ve been busy working on mount physics guys, im sure everything will be fine.