Devs, just make mount equipment GOOD

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Okay then.

Out of Curiousity, i checked out my mount count and it was like 229 mounts, but realistically, i have like 1-3 mounts set per character, with the Grand yak and my Blizzcon 2017 mount set as my “special” mounts that all my characters use.

While i’m not able to individually socket all the mounts i have, i still welcome the upgrade to the mount equipment regardless rather then just lazily slap a passive on a character for all mounts and call it a day. You know what i would call that? A talent row. If the task is to just have all mounts be only affected by the character you play and you picked, why it couldn’t be in the talent box really?


You… you don’t. You can’t ride 200 mounts at once, and you don’t NEED equipment at all times. You could suit up 10 or so per char, use those mounts when you need their abilities, and continue on playing mount roulette the rest of the time.

There is no “have to” here except what your neuroses are concocting.


i’m going to slap water walk my slot and call it a day. i’m rarely dazed enough to care about it, and the parachute sounds more like a warmode item.

while it would be nice to have all three, i’m okay with just having the option to use other mounts that are not the water strider.


Heh. You might want to check out how the daze mechanic is working in 8.2 PTR before you say that.


This mount equipment just pissed me off. With all the broken game systems in BFA they spent resources messing with mounts. The same mounts some committed players spent years collecting and in one patch changes will happen to dare I say “corrupt” many of them. Whew I vented.

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The Sky Golem needs the same deal as the Water Strider. How they can sit here and say everyone is using the strider too much but not the golem? Give me a break.

I’m tired of having to using a Sky Golem on every single herbalist toon just to keep up with the people who are using them.

Make the herbing while mounted effect a piece of mount equipment!

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Just make the game fun! 4Head

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And the exact same thing is true for people who have a problem with the way the system is set up now. Thank you for making my point.


Umm, what?

Sorry, Point Break, but it’s a completely different point. The problem with the system as it is now is that it costs gold every time you need a new functionality and Blizz is seriously upping daze and dismount mechanics, which pushes players to choosing the anti-daze equipment, effectively removing water walking from the game.

The problem is that mount equipment items are far easier to faze out or add a “In BFA zones only” tag to.

The problem is that the new WW equipment is less effective than current WW mechanics in the game.

The problem is not the players “having to” do something. The problem is the devs having a target on water walking and using underhanded methods to remove it from the game.

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So the problem is the gold cost for changing equipment and your solution is to put the gold cost on changing mounts? You can use the same equipment for the same reason I should be forced to use the same mount. In other words…

So we’re going with conspiracy theories now. Care to tell me more about how Blizzard faked the moon landing because it’s “far easier” as well? We’ll discuss zone restrictions once they actually become a thing in the really real world (of Warcraft).

How so? Does the new EQ make you move slower over water? Does it occasionally randomly dismount you? Does it give you saddle sores?

The devs are “removing” water walking by allowing every mount in the game to use it? Or are they “removing” it by giving the ability to players who have not obtained the water strider? Because it seems to me that adding functionality is kinda the opposite of “removing” it.


You only have to pay once per mount. In the current system, you have to pay every time you need a new effect.

After watching the WoD flight debacle and how the devs ALREADY tried to remove WW from the Water Strider before BFA released? It’s about as much a conspiracy theory as predicting Old Gods in BFA.

Also, see Findle’s Loot-a-Rang.

The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.

Fall damage breaks WW. Larger mounts can’t actually WW from swimming. This is exacerbated for Tauren and other larger races.

The innate WW ability is going away. It will now cost ~1k per toon whenever you need it. The ability is no longer a mount ability, but an ability from a BFA crafted item. Expansion crafted items usually don’t stick around past the expansion. Daze is a MUCH bigger problem on the PTR, which will push most players towards choosing anti-daze.

Once anti-daze is the favoured equipment and WW is rarely used, the devs can justify removing it because it’s “not popular with the players”. Considering they just recently tried to remove it and couldn’t because it WAS popular with the players, and based on the constant slowing down of travel to increase DAUs and MAUs, what is about to happen to water walking is pretty obvious.

Anyway, this thread isn’t actually about complaining about the Strider nerf. There’s already a thread for that. This thread is for a pro-active suggestion to make the new mount equipment more user-friendly and adaptable.

Especially if they add more and more equipment, having just one item that spans ALL your mounts is going to cost players a LOT of money, see all but the best equipment go completely unused, and force players to take up more and more bag space.

My suggestion would actually free up space in players’ bags because barding, stirrups, etc. could all be made into equipment and stored on the mounts you want to use for that purpose.

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What if I change mounts more often than I change the buff? Why do you want to punish me for playing the way I want to play?

Let’s say I only ever want and use anti-daze. But I change mounts as often as I change my transmog, every hour. Now I have to spend hundreds of thousands of gold repurchasing the same buff over and over and over and over and over and over and over again because I have around 200 mounts.

The “flight debacle” is irrelevant. No one had flying “removed”. The day WoD launched you could fly in every single zone that you were permitted to fly in the day before. They just decided that WoD should be experienced on the ground because that’s how the devs designed those zones. But players whined and cried and moaned and complained because they value convenience over immersion and experience. This is yet another reason Classic will never have the support long term that retail does. Players don’t want a deep, rich, immersive world. They want an insta-portal from here to there and will throw a tantrum the second something takes the slightest bit of effort.

The loot-a-rang is the same thing. There is an engineering toy that works anywhere. But that is beside the point. It’s a very very minor convenience. It’s not a game breaking hindrance to walk 20 yards to a corpse to loot it. This toy was also not introduced as a major revamp to a core game system. No one expected ranged looting to be a common thing because of one toy.

Why are you taking fall damage? L2P. Also, how is this different from the current live water walking mechanics? Can the repair/transmog mammoth water walk effectively now? Can Taurens and other large races?

First, if you have the water strider the cost is negligible. You get your first set of WW shoes on each toon for free. And the subsequent shoes are pretty cheap.

Second, this isn’t a standard BfA crafted item. This is a core game mechanic change. It’s like assuming BfA transmog items will no longer be usable in 9.0. There is no rational realistic basis for this assumption. There is absolutely no Blizzard related source for this paranoid idea.

In reality, this mount equipment is only going to be beneficial for capped characters for about 2-4 weeks until most of us unlock flying. They wouldn’t bother implementing the system if it wasn’t going to be used in future xpacs.

Alex Jones? Is that you? Is Blizzard also running FEMA camps and HAARP weather altering software to increase their MAUs?

Did they try to remove water walking before or after they tried to turn all the frikkin’ murlocs GHEY!!?!?

Your suggestion would do just the opposite for me and anyone who doesn’t change mount EQ every seven seconds. Some of us just use one piece of EQ and change our mounts around. We would be punished.

Only bad players. I will buy one item per toon, equip that one item, then get on with my life. It will be the one item that is best for ME and MY playstyle. Obviously other people will have different preferences. This is evident by your argument about having to constantly change your EQ. Clearly there is no one “best” for everyone. There is no “best” stat gem or enchantment for everyone. There is no “best” UI setup. People are different.

Or it could be made into equipment and used for all my mounts at once. And round and round we go.

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should have just gone with mount families

examples families.

water walkers
fast flyrs
multi flyers
multi ground
fast ground
ore extractors
herb gatherers
immune to daze
heck mounts with an ability to knock people off theirs

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If it hovers and can’t “land” it water walks. Ashes of Alar, Cloud Serpents, Mind Worm, etc.

Magic Horses Water Walk. Midnight, Invincible, the flame horses.

If it is at home in the water it travels through water at full or 90% of mount speed. Land turtles, hippos, crocodiles.

If it is a large, burly, and or armored mount you can’t be dazed or dismounted. Mammoths, Elekks, Brutosaur, PvP mounts, Boar mounts.

Stand fleet footed creatures travel faster. Horses, Wolves, Unicorns, etc.

Winged creatures have slow fall when Flying is disabled. Wyverns, gryphons, drakes, dragons, etc.

That’s not what the system is about. It’s about limiting choice because right now you have the Water Strider, Bardings, Stirrups, Hoof Plates, Water Walking potions, and Gliders which can be applied together for a highly improved mount with multiple perks. When you move all of those to an equipment slot the rest become redundant and will almost certainly get phased out leaving you with 1 ability for all your mounts instead of different mounts with different abilities plus the ability to stack effects.

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Okay then.

At this point, i think your not being serious anymore, and just pulling people’s leg.

(Rhielle) #28

They should’ve just treated mounts like hunter pets and had different classes of them do different things.

But then they couldn’t take Water Walking off of the strider.

(Eret) #29

Its obvious that blizz doesn’t want mount swapping for every situation.

Except this time there is a compromise. Many people just don’t like it.

(Alamara) #30

I had this idea once when discussing how to balance water stride. Maybe each mount family has a standard power, and mount equipment allow you to swap those powers around?

(Baridorielor) #31

Well if the compromise is basically a talent row equivalent, thinly disguised as a new feature, then why not just make it another talent row?

And i say talent row, due to the fact theirs 3 choices right now and it affects all your mounts on that character. Similarly how certain spells work on certain spells and stats, rather then something you would expect, like socketing individual mounts to open up a good amount of customization options for to mounts. Having it all be affected with no choice to individually pick a mount (Like rat mounts with WW, Bikes with Parachutes, Yaks with Anti daze, etc.) doesn’t open a whole lot of options on the table, not due to the fact it’s a low number of options, but how it was implemented.


I hope that we get an immunity to daze item, seeing as they aren’t giving us Zand/KT flying for the next few years (or so it seems :roll_eyes:). Tired of being dazed with a melee from 30ft away after I rolled past some trash…