Devs Give Healers the SHAFT in Solo Que and will not fix it!

Good Morning,

Solo que is a mess but want to point out 1 factor based off a question that negatively impacts healers from queueing:

Why is there a lack of healers in top ranked 100? Top 200? Top 300?

If devs answered this question truthfully they would figure out what is wrong… However, they choose to avoid it.



I would’ve liked to see a blue post about their thoughts regarding healers being lower in general.


I think the new solo rated BG mode will make them all happy again. Shuffle is a mess and nothing will fix it. Just let it go.


its the fact 3-3 doesnt count as a win and mmr is messed up for them as well.


healer ratings are less inflated than dps ratings in accurate reflection of how many more dps there are in each game and on the overall ladder


Hmm. What do you mean?

3-3 for healing being “equal” it terms of a win, but still just equal. it gives no mmr gain when it should.

I think probably about 60% of my games on my healer was 3-3. Just a stagnation of mmr and it feels really bad.


I don’t know how they could cause a 3-3 to result in gains for both healers without inflating things into the high heavens because that’s injecting an unreal amount of free points for no reason.

Also this is consistent with how it behaves for dps and in other rated modes.

Thats the issue. There isn’t really a way to fix it, but it stagnates healers harder than DPS, because I see a lot more healers going 3-3 than seeing DPS do the same.

When I heal, I go 3-3 a lot, DPS go 6-0 others go 0-6. It just feels really bad when every game I queue into, I expect a 3-3 and no rating gain. Even with faster queues, healers struggle a lot harder than DPS as far as this 3-3 scenario goes. There must be a way for blizzard to figure it out without inflating rating to an insane level.


RSS? RSS man? RSS is dead as… dead. But BG Blitz? It’s back, and in a big @#$%*?@ way!

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solo rbgs are going to be a healers paradise. I predict this will make solo arena queues LONGER sadly.


This is a horrible way to justify healers in solo que:

“Because there are more dps in solo shuffle, healers will never be able to get top 100, top 200, or top 300… You will be negatively impacted if you roll healer.”


I actually disagree to this point as well,

Since DPS will have a higher inflation than healers, healers will be negatively impacted in terms of rating as well… The only fix is to adjust inflation for healers… It is needed or why even que if your purpose is to climb rating?


try nonexistent

solo RBGs in TWW is going to put the final nail in arena

2s will be easy conq farm with friends, 3s will still be the only way to get glad, but RSS will have nobody queing it lmao


I’ve always had it in mind that healers need to have a different system of rating…based on performance somehow so it wont matter much to them and people will play them more.

What makes a good healer may not necessarily be a win. Why? Some dps are so insane that they go out in mid and get nuked in solo queue…no healer can do anything about that.

But blizzard isn’t going to do that lol

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I’m so freaking jacked for solo RBGs. Gonna queue so many that I make Swole look like a normal person.


It is not about necessarily that…

Its about Healers having their inflation adjusted, simple fix. Doesnt need to be outrageous but the current state is penalizing.

They need to change the rating system before its too late lol

Wow players seem to want fast food and not a home cooked meal right now.

nah brother let RSS die in peace

it was a mode we all asked for. we got it. it’s awful. solo RBGs is not just a better way to solo que in practice but BGs are the most popular form on PvP and thus will more likely have a higher amount of participation


Do you think it would be infinitely better though if it wasn’t for the 6 round shuffling?

I feel like “we” asked for solo queueing into the regular 3s ladder and instead got an overdeveloped experiment

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