Deviate premade

Queb happy tonight to kill you in Warsong Gulch but me speak no ally language. Me noticed Strangers shouted M O R O N is that common word for ALLY ? Queb always like to learn even from enemies.


Queb, my Orc ally,
Bigwig is impressed with your attempt to learn the language of the fleshy. I’ve always wondered what words my prey was attempting to say…"M O R " is all they could get out before my blades found purchase. Now that you have shown me the full word, it is obvious that they are calling for other ally to help… Well done!

Zugzug Bigwig, you fast and Queb patient. Stranger learnt in Un’goro some days after not to camp Queb’s guildies. Didnt even have time to say MOR. Mountain top, glorious moment.