Deviate Delight is an amazing server!

Like the title says, Deviate Delight and the community is amazing! I have received so much help and kindness from so many people! I cant thank all of them enough as everything helps and is critical for a fresh start character and server! if anyone is seeing this that has helped me thank you soooo much! and for those that are looking for a home server I highly suggest Deviate Delight, It doesn’t get anymore classic than this, amazing community! My black rotting heart is filled with joy! :black_heart: :skull: :black_heart: :skull: :black_heart: :skull: :black_heart:


Yeah it’s pretty nice here, not too crowded but not too empty…I see you’re almost level 20 as well let me know if you want help getting your succubus quest done.


Thanks! Yeah ive been putting in work haha, about to pull another all nighter XD and I appreciate the offer!


Just wanted to further the sentiment! Pretty casual, understanding folks. Open to new players and veterans with foggy memories (that’s where I fall). Happy to be back and part of this community!


This server has the best oats.

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Lok’tar Ogar!

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This is exactly what I love about Classic, friendly helpful people for the most part and add in the fact that when Chuck Norris left for college he told his father “You’re the man of the house now”


Queb want help allies best big rank come Winterfall

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