Development Live Stream April 11

Join Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel for a deep dive into the upcoming Rise of Azshara content update.

Watch live on Thursday, April 11 at 11:00 a.m. PDT on Twitch!


that’s pretty cool, i’ll be there

Is this the info dump Watcher alluded to in 8.2 interviews that would precede the PTR, or something unrelated?

Allied Races?

Very confused on this.

Rise of Azshara? What does this mean?

Azshara is already the peak of beauty and power. There is nothing more for her to rise too. Silly Blizzard. Don’t doubt the Queen.

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They already said there is none planned for 8.2.

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Missed. Opportunity.

Still, as shown with Kul’Tiran Humans, Plans can change.

Enough already.

I don’t want to know what is next.


Looking forward to the announcement. Cannot wait to see all of the new changes coming to the game!

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I agree I’m looking forward to see what’s planned in the up coming patch. hopefully the content planned in the patch will have a wider variety of things to do, with more story, as well as more incentive to encourage replay-ability of the new content.

I also hope they don’t actually tell us a set release date of the patch. by setting a date would force a rushed release, an I for 1 am tired of new releases breaking current content as well as having the new content BUGGED upon release.

  • they need to try to encourage more people to test a wider variety of things, not just the new content, to ensure the patch isn’t breaking existing content.
  • they also need to listen to tester feedback, an act on it to fix broken PTR content, an test the fix before releasing it.

Looking forward to seeing you the changes to the azerite necklace, I am subbed and still having fun but I really don’t like neck

Super excited for Mechagon. Love me some Gnome technology.

More like get a rise from azshara

2 hours left guys. 8.2 Hype.

When’s the bee mount coming?

Also, any ideas when other tanks can be brought up to parity with 100k dps prot warrior?