Devastation changes in 10.1 [UPDATED 4/18]

Wouldn’t this be offset by no longer wasting globals on 1 tick disintegrates? In theory you’ll now be getting full cast disintegrates for 36 seconds.

Probably? That sounds logical to me. I guess we’ll have to see after testing.

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Just don’t take Feed the Flames anymore people. Causality is the single target talent as it now effects fire breath too, not just eternity surge.

I dig the change, as it opens up more options on the bottom of the tree.

In my opinion, buff power swell so it’s not boring.

Well. I tried to hang in there but seeing these changes just tells me they really aren’t ready to make this class cohesive and fun. I really wanted to like this class but they are going down a dark road in their design choices. So I guess it’s time to just put it in the bin and hope they get it right eventually.

I’m not sure what to make of these changes yet, but one thing is clear to me…. The issues we actually have been complaining about fell on deaf ears, unless this is just the start of the changes.

  • Bug fixes mentioned - no.
  • Mastery rework or an execute to offset - nope.
  • Changes to how Disintegrate consumes essence so we don’t instantly burn 3 only to have to move when Hover is on CD the moment you started the cast because a random swirly resulting in a lot of wasted essence (and damage) - nah.
  • Allowing Disintegrate and Living Flame to always be castable while moving and changing Hover to just a Fel Rush type dash - in your dreams.
  • Better defensives/survivability - you’re a funny lizard.

EDIT: After reading the changes, I like them the concept but I know concept doesn’t always translate to worthwhile gameplay. Personally the clipping isn’t and issue for me. It’s actually kinda fun.


If feel that this isn’t going to have the effect they want it to and it’s going to make clipping the channel pretty much mandatory to avoid any gaps in the bonus unless your latency is perfect (or someone makes an addon that calculates the perfect time to recast).

While I don’t really have a better solution off hand, I think that tying the reduction to the actual damage pulses would be more likely to push players in the direction they want & is more intuitive.

Edit: I just did the math on this.

This still creates a counter intuitive situation for the class.

The maximum CDR for disintegrate channels is 50% of the actual CD time (15s). Assuming a starting duration of around 23 seconds (rage(18) → surge(+4-gcd) → breath(+4-gcd)) that means we will need to fit 6.5 fully channeled lasers in the burst window for a second round of casts. With my current haste my channels are 2 seconds start to finish. This means that for every full cast I reduce the CD of the two empowers by 4 seconds. This means that to get the full 50% reduction I would need to cast 7.5 disintegrates. To get that many casts I would need 4 essence bursts, which means 4 other casts during the window. If we assume these are azure strike that’s +5s at my current haste. We can reduce down to 6.5 casts here as a result.

If I had 0 haste the channel time is 2.4s. That’s 6.25 disintegrate casts. Each laser reduces the CD of the spells by 4.8 seconds. The GCD would be 1.5 in that case, and you would need 3 essence bursts (or 4.5s) which reduces the overall laser casts to 4 and a bit. While the dps is lower in this situation (showing haste is still good) it creates a kind of back-flow where you have to work harder as you get more and better gear to get the same result.

To summarize that mini-thesis: Getting more haste will make dragon rage extensions feel worse to play than right now. My off the cuff thought of tying the reduction to the damage ticks instead seems like it might actually be the right call if they want to prevent us from clipping channels because no matter how fast you cast the number of ticks stay the same.


The return of Divide and Conquer will significantly strengthen our 1-minute go with Deep Breath. Especially with the Imminent Destruction rework.

That being said, something needs to be done about our survivability. The Ancient Flame change is still super awful.


What they’re trying to avoid is 1 tick clips just for the CDR. Clipping is still fine as long as you’re doing it right because the duration still carries over to an extent.

What are the stats on devastation like how many people actually play it. I hit max on mine first and just go so bored and had to reroll. Would be interested to see how many people main it.

All perma rewards in this game are transmog and you cant even use it on the new race was a big thing on top of the lizards looking a bit weird .


It looks like I’ll be going back to the blue build, what with causality now also reducing the cooldown on deep breath. Gonna have to readjust my whole build.

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it has gotten more frustrating than boring. the bugs have made it insufferable and feel terrible.

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I also personally do not like the feed the flames change using pyre They should have made the cd reduction still just work off of red spells as it is now because the added reduction for eternity surge was a step in the right direction but forcing only pyre to reduce the cd was not.


I see what you’re saying. More haste and shorter disintegrates means we need to just cast more of them to get the empowered spells reduction.

It does sound counterintuitive that getting better gear and more haste will actually make our rotation more difficult to maintain.

Your solution sounds elegant, reduction based on the number of ticks. It would have to be capped though because again, more haste, more ticks would lead to crazy amounts of cooldown reduction.

You’re limited by resources. Disintegrate doesn’t gain additional ticks from haste.


The causality change now reduces both ES and FB. I think this makes the change to FTF work. We now can have CDR to both abilities congruently through dis channels and if we are in aoe we can abuse pyre with FTF for the same basically effect and it’s going to end up being more consistent reduction I think.

I also wonder if the 3 pyres from activating DR are going to each give CDR. Overall I am curious to try the changes. They aren’t what I wanted but I don’t hate the idea, but I may hate them in practice. Time will tell.

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Correct, but shorter Disintegrates as gear scales translates to more disintegrates during dragonrage. It only takes a global to generate an essence burst.

None of us wants a solution that might need to get nerfed in season 3.

I don’t see that being an issue with the nerf to Animosity.

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out then.

Considering Feed the Flames only works for Pyre and to get CDR on Fire Breath/Eternity Surge requires sitting in full disintegrate channels… Probably means the fire breath capstone would be both specifically geared towards AoE with Everburning Flame + Firestorm w/ Raging Inferno unless you just go all-in for disintegrate cleave and only popping Pyre at higher charged blast stacks to get the most out of FB/ES resets.

Imminent Destruction looks interesting as a way to make Deep Breath as something more important to the rotation but mostly looks like a PvP-oriented talent for DB>FB+ES bursts and since the left side will become far less impactful for PvP (reduced Engulfing Blaze damage makes Burnout procs less powerful, FtF losing reset value) which means likely a bit more PvP nerfs will roll around once someone gets slapped with R4 Instant FB and an Eternity Surge with the 20% buff from ID and the other 20% buff from Shattering Star during Dragonrage.

These changes are possibly going to elevate Iridescence for single target/cleave. I don’t have a problem with iridescence but i hope they increase the buff duration to like…20 seconds.