[Detail] [Illidan] 3/9M Recruiting for 10.2 and Beyond T/TH 8:30-11:30est

Looking for a raid team that’s as fun as it is focused? You’ve found us! AoTC focused guild that progresses mythic without the pressure of CE.

Detail currently 3/9M and looking to push further into mythic(not CE), is a guild of like-minded raiders looking to progress in 10.2. We have leadership that has raided at all levels the game has to offer. Looking for reliable raiders to blast AoTC and then mythic as our focus. We are a laid back group of friends who like to have fun while still taking raid serious enough to get bosses down. While we are a smaller guild, we are still active and enjoy doing stuff outside of raid. We always have key groups going, alt raids, or just hanging out.

Raid schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-10:30pm CST (server).

Recruiting: 470+ item level

  • Dps- Aug, Priest, Warrior, Mage, Lock. Dps with healing or tank off-spec is a huge plus. Will consider any dps regards.

  • Healer- Priest, Druid, Evoker

Contacts: Discord-Scoop007, Discord-Rimer#7379

Or feel free to apply: https://apply.wowaudit.com/us/illidan/detail/main?preview

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Less than two weeks to go! Don’t get left behind.

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Sent friend request to Rimmer. Ur name wont work?

Looking for warrior, boomkin, warlock!

A week until patch, don’t miss out & join our team today!

Looking for a few more lucky ones to join the team! Warrior, lock, or boomie preferred.

Looking for a few dps to join us for 10.2! Lock, Mage, Warrior are highest prio.

Still holding out for a couple ranged spots, don’t get left in the dust and join today!

Ranged dps welcome to apply!

It’s patch week! Looking for warrior, dh, or ranged - must be 440+. Don’t miss out!

Patch is dropping today, come join the fun! Looking for warrior and ranged dps!

:fire:Patch drop! Looking for a few more dps to round out the roster. Warrior, dh, or ranged preferred!

Need a home still? We’re looking for dps!

Raid starts on Tuesday! Join today & spend the weekend with us getting prepped :muscle:

Looking to kick the new raid in the butt? Come join us tomorrow. Looking for a few dps to fill out our roster(ranged prio but will consider most specs)

9/9N, 1/9H in one raid night! Still looking for a couple ranged dps to fill in the blanks (priest or lock preferably) or dk, anyone welcome to apply!

2/9H - could use a couple ranged or hybrid dps specs, anyone welcome to apply!

New week, perfect time to join - if you’re still looking for a team, look no further! Apply or message me today!

5/9H and trekking along to kill more. In need of a priest healer. All dps encouraged to reach out regardless.

6/9H! Looking for a priest heals or flex dps spot!