Destruction Warlock Spammable?

Currently trying to learn destro warlock, i know that destro slaps but i am wondering if i use drain life as my spammable or incinerate. Also any tips on building up to 3 soul shards fast enough to start putting out aoes during dungeon fights?

Can’t speak for other covenants but NF destro you always use incinerate. You use drain life to heal . Drain life after soul rot is a massive heal. You’re going to have to learn how to bank your shards for the pulls in order to open up. Also think of your havoc cd as a resource generator as well. When you 2 target cleave you’ll get the extra shards. I want to say and I could be wrong. A conflagrate with havoc is like 1.5 shards . Also haste you need a ton of haste you help smooth your pulls out. Try to think of spending that last few shards to kill a trash mob will be worth your next pull being slow to build. Sometimes just spamming incinerate before moving on puts you in a better position on your next pull. St it is what it is. There’s just going to be some incinerate spam moments. Use conflagration if you have 2 charges to help speed it up and drop the next conflagrate to allows you to dump 2 CBS. I’m no pro but I’ve been spending a bit of time on destro as of late.

Edit: also talent for inferno and drop that on pull. The more mobs you hit the more rng chance you get on shard gen. That’s why Wilfred’s w/ inferno is so good. You get to the point all you do is build shards and struggle to keep spending and not cap.

Definitely incinerate. Drain life is rarely used as Destro unless you’re in trouble. On a pack get at least 2-3 immolates out… they generate shards. The inferno and soul counduit talents really boost your shard gen. Try to get havoc out early before using conflag which doubles your shard gen.