Destruction Warlock feedback

I play mainly destro and feels pretty weak, not only havoc, the rotation it’s just spam incinerate until you got soul fragment so you can cast chaos bolt and actually do damage.
I’d love got better talents option, and not always use the almost same build.

and pls give us back dimensional rift, many classes got new spells but destro lock haven’t learn anything

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I got this feeling as well during first raid tier of this expansion. Wet noodle incinerates I think is the biggest problem for me. Chaos Bolts surely don’t feel as fantastical as they did in previous expansions in comparsion to the rest of the rotation (especially if you consider your only talent to AMP it’s damage is 1 of 2 of your only DPS cooldowns in the entire spec). Chaos Bolt should be one if not the hardest hitting spell in the game due to the time it takes you to build up to casting one, getting the cast off successfully and playing around things that up it’s damage.

My main points/issues with destro are

-talents: super obvious which ones matter the most, not much room for any actual choice

-corruption: should be instant (or at least ad some kind of talent that does so) from what I have read on the forums there is a lot of mixed feedback on the return of corruption, I prefer the old school shadow and flame myself, but I know there are others that don’t, so maybe add a talent so it’s not exactly forced on the fire only crowd, but an option still for those who want it

-shadowburn: BASELINE please and thank you

-Dimensional Rift: why did this get taken away? Why did so many other classes get their legion ability back but not others?

That’s my 2 cents thank you all


Blizzard can’t win.

Destruction’s single target damage isn’t all that bad in a Patchwerk-like fight. Some of the things that have been suggested include adding Shadowburn back, increasing Incinerate damage, adding back Dimensional Rift, making Dark Soul baseline, etc.

I remember all the posts when people complained about Chaos Bolt’s damage, but if you add all these additional sources of damage, you can’t have Chaos Bolt doing high damage. If Incinerate’s damage increases too much relative to Chaos Bolt, Chaos Bolt feels underwhelming. If Chaos Bolt’s damage gets too high, EVERY non-warlock cries it’s too strong in PvP…

That’s why I don’t want the single target rotation to change all that much. From a balance standpoint, I think it’s in a pretty good place… all things considered. It could use some slight buffs since it suffers badly in movement-heavy fights and mythic+, but making multiple spells baseline would almost certainly be too much.

Key term here Patchwerk-like fight. AKA no movement. We all know it’s not like that in a real world scenario for most of the game and it still ends middle of the pack for most specs in the game.

I don’t think it’s as big of a deal when we’re only talking about Dimensional Rift (if we had it and it gave us a 10% damage buff like the legendary in Legion did). 10% isn’t going to make or break the world for the 3-15s of uptime you could RNG with portal spawns. Also, for incinerate it’s not like it’s damage needs to be massively buffed just enough to compensate for the damage outside of cooldowns which is sorely lacking considering we only have 1 that just ups our critical strike%.

Realistically any real changes that affect the rotation would be more likely to come next expansion anyways. Even with a cool concept being re-introduced like Dimensional Rift it’s just typical Blizzard fashion to not act until later. As far as making spells baseline goes that’s also for another time but it needs to happen. We’ve had these things in the past and it was never an issue for balance and it was more FUN. That should be the main point, not balance being why we’re held back from cool things going forward.

Increasing the damage 10% is fine… and honestly, if we saw a buff in 9.2 that said Chaos Bolt, Incinerate, Conflagrate, and Immolation damage all increase 10% and nothing else, we’d all be pretty happy. (Well, I would be.) But I don’t want the class to become a FotM class and most of the changes I’ve seen suggested would increase Destruction’s output by way more than 10%. That’s probably too much.

If I’ve learned anything from reading this thread, it’s this. No two people want to improve Destruction in the exact same way.

I’d also like to put it out there that it’s not like Destruction alone needs so many things back. Quite a few specs need things to go back baseline or want things back in general that they once had. I’d say if most classes were compensated in the same way and balance was priority when doing so we’d see no real outliers for creating FoTM classes/specs. Honestly it might just end up the same way it is now where Destruction is mid-high tier and that’s fine as long as the playstyle is more fun and interactive.

We’re all never going to agree on everything when it comes to a game like WoW and that’s to be expected. I think everyone can agree that a bit more fun thrown into the mix doesn’t hurt anyone and improves the health of the game. If mixing in old abilities, bringing stuff back baseline and changing how certain spells work to improve said health of the game causes Blizzard a balance mess maybe it needs to be that way. They need to put in the work to earn the respect of the players who want the most fun that they know Blizzard can create based off years of examples.

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True. But fun is subjective. The only time I’m NOT having fun with Destruction now seems to be with easy-mode content… and I think that has more to do with Agility classes and tanks being able to just pull the entire instance and I never get a chance to even do anything since my main AoE (Rain of Fire) costs 3 shards and has a fixed position and Cataclysm also requires a fair amount of casting time.

I don’t know if I’m the norm rather than the exception or if this will change as my gear improves and experience with the class improves. (I haven’t mained Destruction since Mists of Pandaria.)

That’s why I complained about Havoc… for 12 seconds (out of every 30) you can do 60% damage to another target as your main target. Meanwhile, a lot of the melee class are doing 40% of their main target damage to multiple adds (not just 2) for 30 out of 30 seconds so why nerf Havoc to only do 60% and only last 12 seconds out of 30? Let it do the whole 100% and last 15 seconds so that it actually feels like something Destruction excels at…

I actually like the way Destruction plays as a whole – but I’m just getting back from a long hiatus so my perspective is different.


Having gotten more gear and experience with Destruction in this expansion, it’s not as bad as I thought. The OP is correct: the Fire And Brimstone talent should be a base part of Destruction. Other than that, warlock as a whole needs this one change:
Burning Rush should be standard and only cost 3% per second.

The mobility requirements for the game as a whole have changed greatly over the years (for the better IMHO) and trying to play the class without Burning Rush is kind of like asking mages to play without some form of Blink. I thought there’d be a conduit that would make you pay the cost less frequently (so 4% every 1.3 or 1.5 seconds instead of every 1.0 seconds) but so far I haven’t seen it.

Destro is probably the spec that I feel needs QoL changes/buffs more than any other in the entire game.

Almost nothing can be cast while moving.
Even in perfect patchwerk fights, we’re competitive but not better.
Our AoE goes down the drain the second mobs start moving.

If we’re not gonna see something like a 5% aura buff (lazy), I’d like to see something along the following (not necessarily ALL of these, just ideas):

  • Fire & Brimstone baseline.

  • Inferno reworked into one of the following:

    • Rain of Fire radius increased by 20%, damage increased by 30%, Duration increased by 2 seconds, and has a 20% chance to generate a soul shard fragment.
    • Turns RoF an on-mob targeted ability that follows the mob, like Affliction’s Singularity. Make it also stackable up to 3 times per mob and a chance to generate fragments based on the number of mobs hit by the effect.
  • Cataclysm (talent) does 50% more damage when hitting only 1 target.

  • Make Unending Resolve last 10 seconds.

  • Backdraft duration increased to 12 seconds (instead of 10).

  • CDF can be channeled while moving.

  • Baseline interrupt OR add the interrupt to every warlock pet option (prefer the latter, so I can use the new incubus model).