Destro vs Aff in m+

I’ve always played destro & enjoyed it. Just can’t push beyond a point, so I thought this would be a good time to learn aff because the Sow the seeds build is so good. Tried it, but I’m facing exactly the same issue as Destro (was around 7.5 overall in a 17 Mist). So I thought I’ll ask for help.

Just to be clear, I exclusively pug, so I don’t really have an organized group which can help me better use my cd’s. So most of the times we’re going pack to pack.

Does Aff really shine if you pull big every 2 minutes or so? Because destro also does the same with crazy aoe every 2 minutes. Granted this week was tyrannical & inspiring so the pulls were generally small and died quickly.

How many targets should I apply agony to before spamming seed? I try to get 5 but should I get all?

What do I do if I’m shard capped at the start of a pull? Apply a few seeds before starting my setup? Happens quite often… and the setup takes time. A good 7-8 seconds with my weakaura beeping away.

Thanks in advance… am definitely gonna stick with it and see how it goes. Learning a new spec is better than wasting time with an alt. Just wanted to figure out any mistakes I may be making.

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