Destro Hotfix

Now that I got glad I’m done with this. I really hoped lock nerfs were being announced. Not…this.

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I wish they could just explain their reasoning for not addressing what people talk about here…


There’s no way this is real.

They know goSUP and VoP is busted.

I get they couldnt forsee all the essence/azerite/corruption interactions but they dont even bother to tune either

For all their talk about being able to turn knobs and adjust stuff easily

I’m running out of runes when using 71% haste. Can i get a 50% buff to rune regeneration plz ty.

Looks like necroing all those nerf destro threads finally got some warlock changes.

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I made a post about the destro hotfix in the general forums about how it’s blizzard trolling us, first response I get from a general forums poster:

“Those changes were to help PVE Locks
This game isn’t meant for PvP
Go play Overwatch”

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I’m so happy.

You can’t make this stuff up.


Smokes Blunt

Yeah, we fixed Warlocks.

Cof Cof

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You didnt know we Are paying for beta testing

I keep thinking the Devs can’t be this oblivious to Warlock problems? It’s a good thing I have a warlock alt. I think I’m gonna have to start gearing it up now and for shadowlands. Doesn’t seem like these Devs care about pvp in their game. I guess you know the saying “if you can’t beat them join them”. Time to gear up the lock.

I feel like after they announced this buff there should of been a small note directed at the pvp players saying simply “kappa”.

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I don’t know if “disgusting” is the word I would use for this situation… I think the word you are looking for is “Perplexed”.

While this won’t affect PvP, the lack of nerfs are astounding.

Moreover though, if such a haste total is achievable by dps that they cast so often too actually go oom in RETAIL then the problem is NOT the mana cost…

Holy moly this is why I only log in for raid and then bounce the rest of the week.

at this point, can we get enhance shaman and bm hunter s1 nerfs reverted

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“We simply do not want to invest any further resources into pvp. There will be no communication, and there are no plans to monitor class performance and adjust accordingly. Ever. If you enjoy the by-product that results in the arena setting, after pve is addressed, that’s great, good for you. If not, go $&@% yourself. Cheers.” -blizz


They are just making fun of pvpers now lol

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I love when I see that. When this game was born from a RTS that it’s main popularity was to pvp.

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