Destro Challenge Not Looking Good

Jinluz was my brothers character he made like 5 something years ago. He got to 40 and got bored.


I never know what to believe from your mouth any more.


Do you even have a brother? I honestly wish I could believe you. I really do.



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Didn’t think it was going to be hard… floating around 1550-1600 though playing with others in LFG.

Def think its a gear thing though. Not dying super fast every game or anything but I have had a few where I felt useless.

Don’t think 1.8 will happen for me unless I teamed with a good DPS then there would be no point.

I can’t create pressure with a healer.

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lock doesn’t get retarded until you start getting some real gear. Every class feels horrible when you’re queueing into 477ilvl chums with 300k hp

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Gear still matters because numbers dont have skill. They are just numbers. You hit like a wet noodle in 400ilvl gear and if you are winning you are being carried.

Look at Bahjeeras “no gear no problem” videos. Totally being carried by a 480ilvl DH in his 2’s games.

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I dont think I was carried to 1.6 to be honest. At lower rating with a rogue around my same Ilvl we were able to win many games with a pretty simple setup. But up until now we were running into enough low ilvl teams like us to win the majority.

Comparing warrior dh to a warlock is pretty troll, if you have really high control you can naturally carry more without even having high damage

It’s why Reckfuls video on control stood out so hard in cata when he used to use warglaives

If you can CC enough and properly, then your damage won’t matter as long as your partner does damage, and really that’s hardly you being carried


I mean 1800 at this point in the season on any character is a virtual gimme. So idk what you’re trying to prove? Maybe adjust it to like 2k?

This is so true.

Been playing with some healers on my arms warrior in 2’s at 1850 and geared Hpals are dying to DH’s in 20 seconds while im on the enemy Disc priest. People not using cd’s too just flopping without even popping anything.

1800 atm really is 1400 season 1-3

I would love to see you do it then. I am not saying it is impossible but hitting 1800 in a week on a 440 Destro may be harder than you think.

Then again I am the worst person to play any DPS.

BTW. You have to start in boost gear, 440 is just what I was able to get in a week gearing through PvP. GL!

After looking over your profile I would say don’t even bother trying.

So you never really hit 2k, you hit 1600.

Yeah your pallies might just be bad. My holy pally alt is 1800 and I do not die quickly to anything unless I mess up and my gear is mediocre.


No i was 1700 :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re going to struggle severely in 8.3 without corruptions when most people have them topped off with low ilvl.

To do this now would required a geared offensive healer like an hpal or rdruid that is capable of pulling of quite a bit of damage because they would have to fill in the damage gaps. It’s not impossible, but it can’t just be you. You won’t PVE down a DH/War/DK - Healer comp in 2s at that ilvl and that low of haste.


Im not trying to troll, but according to all thr big brains on these forums Destro is a monkey class that can get high ratings easily with any gear

I mean… I don’t find it too difficult. Destro plays significantly different than most classes where the main focus is just slamming damage on anything. On boomkin I have a lot more I have to actively do in comparison to lock. It doesn’t feel harder really to me, I just don’t feel like offensively I understand the spec as much.

I feel like on destro you just have to use your offensive CDs well and micro manage small positioning changes to do decent. On boomkin I don’t understand the setup goes of most the comps I played and it wasn’t till I finally got in voice with someone that we started to push. Destro can skirt by on rating running comps that don’t require comms and setups much as long as the team understands how to slap cheeks.

This spec isn’t overly difficult to play… I mean I guess versus certain comps it can be very frustrating if your partners don’t understand what they’re supposed to be doing, but it’s not that hard.

Triggered tbh. Remind me when Hpal and Rdruid became the offensive healers. I swear that’s traditionally rsham *and Disc. Or maybe strictly Disc. Or mabye disc and resto. Resto playing for big Starfires or w/e. The 3 second cast used to pump.

I’d rather healers be played offensively TBH. Playing Rdruid was fairly enjoyable to me this expansion. Maybe they should have better options to play passively/defensively rather than being pigeon holed into how they play (MW being the worst offender). Offensive healing has always piqued my curiosity since I first encountered it in Rift.