Destro catching fire

Anyone else miss that? When Destro built embers and burned hotter and hotter and literally were sheathed in flame?

I thought that was cool. And could have had a bunch of cool things baked into it.
Like the more embers you had it had an absorb/shield function. Or melee attackers took scaling fire damage.

At max embers SF could have been inst cast and consumed them all. IDK.

Throwing ideas out for 10.0. :man_shrugging:


That would be amazing flavor back to the spec and if they really were gonna take a look at reworking the spec so everyone on the forums stops complaining about “its just chaos bolt the spec” this would be the best way to go about it.

The legion portals back, chaotic energetic things happening, burning on fire and becoming more unstable. Would be amazing

Now it’s “rain of fire spec” :slight_smile:

Heck, at max embers we could literally burst with fire aoe doing dam to any enemies in 15yds, refreshing any immolates and stunning them for 1sec. Not enough to spam just this and ignore all other aspects. But flavour.

Yes think it was “heating up”.

Even having shards float over our heads that EVERYONE could see. (Only us can see our own shards)