Destination Ungnome looking for more

(Alliance - Nagrand, raiding WED & SUN 8pm-10:30pm SVT) is recruiting more players for its heroic progression team. We really want to get AoTC out of the way. we are currently 9/10H and just missing a few core classes to help us along the way.

We are hoping to recruit a Warlock / MAGE and a WARRIOR + any ranged classes we can get, preferably with a healing off spec. pref to be 200+ ilvl and pulling a minimum of 3.5k dps.

If you are interested in joining the guild and coming along please seek me out here on facebook or through my Bnet or discord. alliance, nagrand and 8pm-10:30pm SVT on Wed and Sun.

All casual member welcome as we run mythic plus from 2’s to 15’s. We run a fairly social discord.

Bnet: Aprilkat12#1902

Discord: AprilKat12#2328