Derek cinematic

(Amadis) #279


    We owe much to de warchief... but we will not follow her blindly.

    Baine Bloodhoof has shown honor and respect to de Zandalari. He must be given a chance to face his accusers and answer for dis supposed crime.

“Supposed” indeed. Sounds like Talaji is questioning if this is a crime at all.


Ah yes, Baine has shown great respect to the Zandalari by helping out the person who assisted in invading their city and murdered their king.

(Amadis) #281

Was Jaina in the Rastakhan fight? I don’t remember her being in the throne room, but I might have missed her.


The cutscene for the faction switch has Jaina coming out of the throne room and smirking at us while Talanji screams. Horde side there’s no NPCs in the room for the Rasta fight though I don’t think. Like I know Genn is the one who speaks to Rastakhan but… I don’t recall actually seeing him in there? It’s obviously a little fuzzy doing it Horde side because of unreliable narrator so maybe someone who has done it Alliance side can confirm.

(Delusion) #283

No, she was not, and Greymane gives Rastakhan the chance to surrender, to which he refuses and talks about how the zandalari are superior to everyone else.

Genn Greymane: King Rastakhan of Zandalar… On behalf of the Alliance, and in the name of King Anduin Wrynn, I hereby request your surrender.
King Rastakhan: You…an exile without a homeland…you dare invade dese sacred halls and demand dat I turn my kingdom over to you?
King Rastakhan: De Zandalari built an empire dat would endure for over ten-thousand years…while your barbaric ancestors scuffled in de dirt.
King Rastakhan: WE conquered this world. WE brought it glory. You…you are nothing. Merely de latest in a long line of savages seeking to undermine our greatness.
King Rastakhan: No, I will not surrender. Because no matter what happens here today…Zandalar will stand long after your Alliance has crumbled to dust.
King Rastakhan: But if you are so eager to meet Bwonsamdi…den step forward. De Loa of Death awaits!
King Rastakhan: Zandalar forever!
Genn Greymane: So be it. Heroes… you know what must be done.


Yeah, I just did the fight. The “Alliance adventurers” kill Rastakhan, not Jaina. Only Genn and Shaw are with them in the throne room. I suppose Jaina and Gelbin are off preparing to slow down the approaching Horde?


Okay I’ll change the wording to “part of the force that invaded their city and killed their King”. Sentiment is still basically the same since Jaina acts as the main antagonist for the Horde throughout BoD but thank you for clarifying the events Alliance side for me.

(Amadis) #286

Technically the Alliance doesn’t kill him, either. They leave with him alive. It’s Bwonsamdi’s power that actually consumes him while in Talanji’s arms.


After the Alliance was wailing on him. One doesn’t happen without the other.

My whole point anyway is about Baine sucking though, not the Alliance.

(Amadis) #288

True. I’m more trying to figure out Talanji’s mentality, finding Baine honorable and respectful despite returning Derek to Jaina, and how that might compare to how she feels about Bwonsamdi for abandoning her father mid fight (she was clearly upset he was in Rezan’s spot in the recruitment quest at least).

(Linoradrin) #289

This cinematic made me think a lot about Jaina in this expansion, it is a moment of encounter, now she appears being sad/powerful for both the Alliance and the Horde.

What do I (as a Horde player) feel about Jaina? (of course I feel revulsion, but I want to think more)

Warbringers: beware the “daughter of the sea”.

Lordaeron: look how powerful she is, beautiful in a flying arcane ship. Ah, now see her shattering your walls with arcane cannons! Oh, see her dissipating blight with a circle of ice!

Alliance Campaign: Let’s revisit Jaina’s entire life, her internal conflicts that should already be one/two decades long and how she partially solves them in the end. Ah Teldrassil? We’ll do a questline for this later, don’t worry…

Dazar’alor: look how powerful and untouchable! Only one elemental of her wins Talanji + Nathanos and look how she makes you waste time until she teleports away!

Baine and Jaina: Look how sad, beautiful, and powerful Jaina is threatening to attack Baine while receiving help from him and making references for the thousandth time of conflicts of some 5 years ago! Look how she puts him on the line and leave that meeting on her terms! Ally faction pride eee.

“But… but I just wanted to see my leaders…”

“Shhh, Look at this new beautiful and well-produced cinematic we made for Jaina!”

(Zuleika) #290

Oh, so they only created the circumstances that directly led to his death. That’s completely different from killing him.


“But don’t forget to feel shame and guilt for something that happened to her years ago! Oh, Sylvanas basically went through the same thing but actually lost her humanity, 90% of her people, and has to pilot around her corpse? Ya well she’s evil, not a human, and doesn’t deserve a chance for a better story. Let’s actually retcon a bunch of crap to make her look worse and make all your other leaders look like incompetent weaklings. This is what the Horde wants! MORE JAINA!”


(Amadis) #292

The Zandalari with the Horde attacked Kul’Tiras and created the circumstances that directly lead to Kul’Tiras retaliating. Would that mean Rastakhan is responsible for his own death? (And that’s not even factoring that Rastakhan was the one who came to Bwonsamdi for his power in the first place.)

(Fizzer) #293

The summary of most Horde races’ hate on the Alliance. IMO.

(Zuleika) #294

“I didn’t kill him! I just threw him off the ship; I didn’t make him drown. Totally not guilty! Anyway, he shouldn’t have said that thing about my mother, or I wouldn’t have thrown him off the ship! He’s totally the guilty one.”

(Amadis) #295

Two can play at this game:

(Zuleika) #296

… Huh?

I actually seriously don’t get the analogy here. In this version, Rastakhan is the one who said something about the Alliance’s mother.

Anyway, you seem to think I’m saying the entire Horde is blameless in everything here, and I’m not. Just that it’s reeeeeeally splitting hairs to claim that the Alliance isn’t responsible for Rastakhan’s death, even if they didn’t strike an actual killing blow on him.

(Amadis) #297

I perhaps misunderstood and thought you were misrepresenting the Zandalari attacking Kul’Tiras first as the equivalent of calling someone’s mamma fat.

(Fizzer) #298

There’s a joke there about the Kul Tiran models, but I’m too lazy to make it.