Dependent on healer?

hi all - I haven’t played warriors in quite some time. I mostly dabble in solo pvp casually - was wondering if warriors are still strapped to healer for this type of content, due to the lack of healing? I know arms is fantastic in rated, but I rarely do rated content. thanks!

I never have a healer and normally do great in BGs. I also chug tons on 3rd Wind Potions…

Yup, me too when I feel like doing some Random BGs.

My other toons chug these down too. . .

Healers are about always nice to have.

If you don’t do rated you wont get gear upgrades so a healer won’t save you either way. 233 ilvl is going to feel weak in casual pvp when these 60k health monsters are running around in random bg’s and world pvp.

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it’s ok, I like healing everyone (especially tanks)