Demonology Rework....Doom?

With all the proposed changes to Demonology in 10.1.5, why has there been no mention of Doom? I don’t know of any build that actually uses it, in any PVE setting. The damage is atrocious, the setup time is far too long to be of any value. If you’re looking at our talents Blizzard, please remove this one, its been dead since before the expansion was released.


Yeah that together wth stolen power.

Not even sure why a requirement for stolen power is to take nether portal.


Would be cool if instead of this ability ticking once after 18 seconds for 1 shard, it instead proced 2 imp gang boss or something.

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Proposed change 1: Make Doom baseline again. Remove Doom as a talent in the tree and replace with “Greater Doom: Doom now also spawns a greater demon for 15 seconds when it deals damage” They already have the assets for a change like this with Nether Portal as well as Inner Demons and it fits the fantasy well.

Proposed change 2: Rework “Kazzak’s Final Curse” to “Doom now has a 5% / 10% chance to summon a Doomguard instead of a greater demon.” (Also change the icon to a Doomguard face since Kazzak is a Doomguard). Since the time it takes for Doom to deal damage decreases with haste, it passively increases our sustain and our shard generation and scales as gear improves.

Proposed change 3: Allow Demonology warlocks to benefit from their mastery at 50% effectiveness. This is just a baseline buff to our damage, is still dependent on gear, but also doesn’t buff our summons at all. To me this is a much easier change than gutting the spec and rearranging the entire talent tree to buff our sustain. Why they didn’t think of this is beyond me.

Addressing AoE:

Proposed change 1: Bring back the talent “Hand of Doom - Hand of Gul’dan now also applies Doom to all enemies it hits”. Coupled with the above proposed changes this talent works well for both AoE and single target. More Dooms, more demons, more damage. Simple.

Proposed change 2: Add increased Implosion damage to Stolen Power. In it’s current state there’s literally no reason to play this talent in any context. Unless it can be reliably used with Fel Covenant and Power Siphon it just feels bad building all these stacks to then waste it on a shadowbolt in the middle of your rotation, but if it can also be used for Implosion then it gains a ton of value in AoE especially on larger packs that live longer.


An old iteration of Doom was it did exactly this but the imp procced on crits. Remember Unerring Vision from Lei Shen in Throne of Thunder? I do. Very fun time to play a Demo lock.

I like those.

When you first see Doom as an option: “This sounds cool. Okay, an extra dps option. Wait…what’s this? 18 seconds?! “

Then never ever look at it again.

it used to hit like a truck back in the day…

It has never been a particularly interesting button to press. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings if it was deleted.

The only time I’ve heard anyone advocate using Doom is in the Mage Tower challenge. That in no way justifies its place in the talent tree.
My vote, Doom summons a Doomguard (on a 1.5 or 2 min cooldown) that fires Doombolts at your target for 5 - 7 seconds. Kazaak’s Final Curse could result in the Doomguard adding its life (50%/100% per talent point) to your next Implosion.

Would be nice if Doom dmg would proc each time you cast Demonbolt or something on a target affected by it. Or even have a % chance of summoning a demon or something

Could just make it so it makes an Overflow Soul Shard or make the cost of your next Soul Shard spender be reduced by 1, stacking with each tick.

We miss you MoP demo.


No we don’t!

Realistically i feel like we are back to early sl demo with the exception that Nether Portal is actually played. There is zero innovation on the spec with the way the ptr talent tree is currently.


That video is awesome. Imagine if we had Implosion back then. He was pooping out imps.

We do actually

No, we really don’t.

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Yes, we really do.

… just bring back metamorph demon bolt… though sadly i think that will forever sleep with the shaman tanks with the direction blizz is going…

generic > fun… they really do love there passives now