Demonology - Metamorphosis?

Reckon something similar will come for talent trees in Dragonflight? Or is it false hope?


probably misplaced hope for one reason or another.
a) there is no “metamorphasis” there are at least 3-4 versions of meta, all of which have discrete fanbases clamboring for it under the confusing title of “bring back meta” and few, if any, of which slot into the current spec effectively.
b) even the most elegant/lazy solution, which is to simply skin Demonic Tyrant as Meta, wouldn’t satisfy many people and would just end in more toxic behaviour from the playerbase
c) actually attempting to “do it right” in some way would require a fundamental shift away from the current state of demo, the most stable (too stable frankly but that’s another kettle of fish altogether) state we’ve seen since literal vanilla launch and would still fall prey to people whinging that it’s not the meta that’s CLEARLY the best and only viable version.

meta was fun, dont get it twisted. i loved it, i love it still.

but the entire topic has become so viciously toxic that the single best route blizzard has is to just never touch it again. it’s more timebomb than game mechanic now…

that all being said this is about the only time they could get away with it with the talent system overhaul so the possibility IS on the table even if it’s a suicidal concept so i wouldn’t be shocked to see it come back. most likely though it would simply be a reskin of Tyrant of some description so i guess if you only want the visual you may be in luck. if you want the gameplay back… well so does a load of other people and none of yall can agree on what that gameplay is so sort yourselves out before asking blizzard to step in a minefield.

can we sticky this thread and just point at it from here on out?


dude i love if it was US being the demonic comander ( via turning into meta ) instead of summoning some joe shmoe


We used to have it. I loved. Now I cry every time I see demon hunter.


Even if its not back the way it was with a bunch of meta only spells and a resource bar, it could and hopefully should come in the form of a power boost.

Could be a version of dark soul that transforms us into a demon or we could become our own demonic tyrant and buff our own demons.

There was just something really fun about transforming your character into something more powerful. Added a lot of Fantasy to warlocks.

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I absolutely loved Demo in Cata.
Rotation out of demo form.
Rotation change when in demo.
Execute phase with MC and Decimate.

Jumping in and out of melee and channelling demonic power to Metamorph was mint.

There is DEFINITELY a way to bring that back in.

Use imps out of demo for static damage and implosion. Plus talents for other summons.

Pop Demonic Tyrant and meta into DT, absorb all current demons and buff damage and shield/health or whatever for 20sec on a 1.5min CD.

Or even turn into SPIDER DEMON!!
Leap into melee Cast Hellfire Aura, slash AoE and Shadowflame cone splits damage equally , mechanic proc stuff and things.
When you exit DT you have full shards.
Normal rotation.

Basically instead of summon tyrant we get that apex feeling Cata gave us.

I utterly loved every aspect of that iteration of Demo.
The idea of wrapping current imp and demon play around that would be insane. :raised_hands:


1,000,000% this

and then get targeted with a ranged only mechanic and quickly yeet back out to handle it :rofl:


Personally i love this playstyle of Demonology