Demonology feedback: update request

Just wanting to leave some short feedback here, focusing on the Demonology specialization.

*) Update Demonbolt visually to function with Codex of Xerrath(Green Fire). Potentially Hand of Gul’dan too.

The codex description says that it updates all Warlocks fire spells to give the green flame effect. Demonbolt and Hand of Gul’dan are both with the “shadowflame” descriptor, which is fire and shadow combined. Therefore, both spells should have the green flame effect. Especially Demonbolt as it is red fire anyways.

*) Shadow Bolts newer visual update seems to be a downgrade to the older spell effect. Old Shadowbolt looked and felt good, like a sinister bolt of dark magic being fired at your enemy. The current Shadow Bolt spell looks like throwing a purple softball that arcs slowly through the air. The older version looked extremely good. Perhaps this could be reintroduced as a Glyph if nothing else.

Also, and the most important feedback concerning Shadowbolt; please re-include the Shadow Bolt glyph that splits the spell into 3 purple skulls. That was a favorite of myself and many Warlock players I knew and looked amazing!

Not sure why the older visuals have been removed, as they looked a lot better in many cases. A lot of players seem to agree with me, as I read it often in feedback threads and hear it discussed in game and on discussion forums. At least consider bringing them back as Glyphs.

*) Update the Soul Strike talent to function with any demon. Demonic Strength talent could potentially be updated the same way.

Currently the talent only works with the Felguard, however, with Demonology as the Master Summoner specialist, it would make more sense if our talents worked with all demons(even if we focus on Felguard).

*) Update to make Inner Demons talent a passive learned by all Demonology warlocks. It is potentially one of the coolest and most unique talents in the game as it allows such a vast variety of different demons to be temporarily summoned. It is simply too flavorful of an effect to be relegated to a talent pick(which it’s a week talent at that)and should just become a permanent passive of the class, imho. The variety of random demons it churns out makes me really feel like a master at summoning minions, however it is weaker than the other talents on this row and it feels really bad never choosing it in order to remain competitive.

*) Please do something, anything with the Nether Portal talent. It is a cool idea but currently (and historically) is *always * outclassed by it’s neighboring talents on this row. Bringing it from 3 minutes to 2.5 minutes is not helping this talent and actually even hurts it as it de-syncs the talent from the rest of the classes 45 second/1.5 minute cooldowns, making it even less powerful to use.

*) Update to Health Funnel. Either make it an instant cast heal-over-time, similar to Mend Pet(Hunter spell) or at the very least, allow us to channel Health Funnel while moving. Currently our pets die very easy and also now have a very long cast time to re-summon them makes. This makes pet upkeep feel extremely bad. I often spend upwards of half my time in combat just casting Health Funnel over and over. This gameplay loop feels very frustrating, and is simply not fun at all.

*) Do something with different with Doom. Even if it just ticks like twice and summons and Imp each time. Or has a chance to summon Imp in crit with possible Doomlord. Something. It’s a really cool and nostalgic mainstay but it’s just kind of a joke the way it currently works. Just make it reasonably competitive. And most importantly make it cool.

This is all I have. I know there are a lot of bugs and such as well but those have been beaten to death in other threads and should go without saying that they need fixed. These are just small asks, mainly for visual updates and just to make the Demonology specialization feel better to play.

Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback on Demonology. Please like or comment for support.


Update Shadow Bolt visually to the older spell effect that looked like a sinister bolt being fired at your enemy

This should be glyphed, not just changed.

  1. Update the Soul Strike talent to function with any demon. Demonic Strength talent should potentially be updated the same way.

I mean, I guess? It won’t change anything since unless you’re overhauling Demo entirely, chosing something other than your Felguard is beyond a bad choice.

  1. Please do anything with the Nether Portal talent. It is a cool idea but currently (and historically) is *always * outclasses by it’s neighboring talents. Bringing it from 3 minutes to 2.5 minutes is not enough to help this talent and likely hurts it as it de-syncs the talent from the rest of the classes 45 second/1.5 minute cooldowns.

If anything, make DCon baseline and adjust dps to compensate and replace it with a better version of Implosion (and remake the legendary into something else). Then you can chose from Implosion for AoE, Portal for single target, and Sac Souls for the people who want passives and less effort.

Personally I’m pretty happy with Demonology right now beyond bugs. It offers strong single target and mildly above average AoE. I do want the old implosion back, but only because I like super hasty gameplay, not for any other reason.

Not necessarily, succubus pvp talent does have potential for play, but they would probably need to tweak spell school benefit a bit. That pvp talent kinda implies from the devs we are intended to use more then felguard, even if not balanced that way


I’m skeptical that Succubus would be better for demo, but I’ll take your word for it as a non-pvp’er

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It’s definitely got it’s place but also, I personally find it super fun whenever I’m needing to kill a lot of mobs and such for quest. Even just for a change of pace.

Not to mention how much fun 1 second cast Shadow Bolts can be.

Personally, I spend way less time looking at my own characters in combat than everything else. As cool as the old green flame and cast animations sound, I rather that the time and effort be spent on improving the lock skills.

Update the Soul Strike and Demonic Strength

YESSSSS!!! Make it so blizz!

Update to Health Funnel

I would rather keep Health Funnel with its channeled effect instead of making it like Mend Pet (which is instant but heals 40-45% over 10 seconds and has a 10 sec cd). It just seems more “warlocky” like it is. I would like to see it heal more over its channeling.


This talent feels out of place for a demo lock. Having it also proc imp summons would help it but I think it would need something more.

Inner Demons

I kind of feel like it should have been combined with the Power Surge Talent.

Nether Portal

between the long cd (2.5 min now) the 2.5 sec cast time and relatively short duration of 15 sec’s, it’s never going to do it for me. It needs to be instant cast, cost 0 souls and have a built-in CD reduction like a 0.25-0.5 sec cd reduction per soul spent. That would drop it down into the 2min or less range and line up better

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I’d definitely would love this on my warlock! She has a green fire and it’s hot as Shego from Kim Possible.

Mushroom Treatment for druids. :smiley:

This one is a bit tricky as by picking Demo, we are all pigeonholed into picking Felguard 9 times out of 10. You can use the Succubus if using PtP but even then it’s kind of niche. All the demons that isn’t Felguard right now have very niche uses.

Demonic Strength is pretty strong with the Felguard especially with the Tyrant active. Soul Strike has its days in BfA, it’s just currently not worth picking. Updating them to make it work with all demons with to each of the demons’ different bonuses seems like a neat addition to this ability.

Right now, it’s just an instant SB every 10 seconds that repositions your pet compared to a beefed up FTS and Vilefiend with DeCon shenanigans. I’m not sure what can we do with Demonic Strength.

Inner Demons Talent has ONE use: fodder for Siphon Power. That’s it.

A Soul Shard value for every 12 seconds with a chance of it being a big mean demon sounds underwhelming compared to SC and GFG doesn’t it?

You wanna talk about useless talents? Summon Gargoyle. Hypothermic Presence.

I’m kidding, they all need help. NP included. :slight_smile:

But hey it got a 30 second cooldown reduction buff though KEKW

I’d remove the channeling completely. Anyone who says it should still channel is secretly a hunter main that hates warlocks.

It’s an outdated mechanic. Might as well work like Mend Pet or give Warlocks something else to top the pet off.

MoP Doom! :dagger:

I’ve talked to a player here in the forum to rather remove Doom. Doom is historically an ability that deals massive shadow damage after a long time. The application was niche but it is an interesting debuff nevertheless.

I wanted Doom to be reworked and be made baseline perhaps that replaces corruption. Or relocated elsewhere. Because right now, it’s basically a SB after 10 seconds.


^This, hunters have 2 ways to heal their pets and neither is a channel or cast. One is a full hp heal the other is a passive hot


How about instead keep the current channel method but add an over time effect? After the Health Funnel channel ends grant the minion a heal over time that grants x% of the health restored over some number of seconds. If you want to maintain the fantasy of the warlock transferring health to the minion, then you could have it place a Siphon Life like DoT on the warlock while the HoT is on the minion. You could tune the HoT to be strong enough to free some combat time to do something other than try and keep the minion alive.

Alternatively you could have a defensive buff be applied once the Health Funnel channel is finished. This leaves me with an unwanted feeling of buff maintenance. It would be similar to the Torghast anima power, but the intention would be to generate time after the heal for the warlock to do something other than heal the minion.

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I think a glyph for the old skull shadow bolt would be awesome, make it usable for incinerate, I like it old school destro

Being able to cast/move whilst channeling would make Health Funnel much more user friendly.



I mean, ideally it would be great to have Health Funnel operate like Mend Pet and just be an instant cast BUT Warlock being Warlock (going around the umm butthocks to get to the elbow) means that the actual best case would be being able to channel Health Funnel while moving.

This one little thing would be such a huge QoL while questing and such.

Alternatively, leave Health Funnel in its current archaic pita state but add a passive effect to Soul Link that pet gets a tiny bit of constant health Regen, perhaps equal to your leech stat…

Just something small to keep from having to root and cast after every mob or so.

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I mean to me the trade off of health funnel planting you is how much it actually heals. It heals for twice what mend pet does.

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The Hand of Gul’dan graphic already has green fire in it.