Demon hunter feedback

I’m not entirely sure, but i think SD should swap places with Fel barrage, so even if we don’t take cycle, we can still take SD seeing as the left side is more ST/burst focused and SD is still linked through middle as well. I also could see Fel barrage doing fire damage so you can play that into AMN could give it some higher damage without having to buff it too much.

Another Throw glaive talent as a choice node could be interesting. It would be to either make throw glaive deal more damage but its purely ST against throw glaive having a more bounces.

A interesting node that could be in the top talents would be Fracture from Veng tree. It would interact with either chaos strike or blade dance. Essentially, it would give the ability 2 charges as a recharge similar to the new talent A Fire Inside. It would change chaos strike or blade dance into Annihilation or Death Sweep while not being in meta.

I final thought for AMN, the talent doesn’t feel strong for a capstone. Giving it the ability to buff more things could change the dynamic of this talent. Example: Glaive tempest is now fire/shadow damage, giving us a talent that changes chaos strike to shadow damage and leaves a dot, throw glaive now deals fire damage instead of physical. All of these things to kind of play into the AMN talent feeling MORE impactful instead of only changing the damage of 3 things.

They don’t look here, go to the PTR forum and put it there