Demo mini burn phase

Just wanted some input on this.

Usually I have a tyrant and vile fiend in-between my grimiore felguard uses, and I’m not sure I’m using it correctly

Usually I try to build to 5 shards, then VF, SB to 5, Dogs, SB to 5, HoG, SB once to get 3 shards, then HoG into tyrant.

Is this correct?

This is what I find most fun about demonology in that the strength of the opener is reliant on RNG, but all the other tyrants after the opener are so much fun to maximize. The previous dog before tyrant will die and most likely give a double proc of DB. Roughly 30 seconds before tyrant comes off CD if you have zero shards start building to 5. Save DB procs but don’t over proc. I typically find myself using dogs then having them be up more towards the end of VF. Decon having dogs instant during this build process = 9 imps, VF, and dogs. Been able to hit this p1 on Sylv consistently the past 40 or so pulls.

2 proc DB and at 5 shards VF cast, SB, hog, DB, dogs, DB, hog, DB, hog, tyrant. I am NF running Niya so I use cov ability before this sequence at 5 shards for the health and mastery proc.

Demo Rotation with Wilfred involves a cycle of 2 setups.

The Big Tyrant Setup who involves GFG>VF>SB>SB>DOGS>Fill to 5>Hand of Guldan Spam for as many imps as you can.

Small Tyrant Setup who involves only VF>SB>Dogs>Fill to 5> Hand of Guldan Spam for as many imps as you can.

Hand of Guldan Spam is the step where you will weave Hand of Guldans, Shadow Bolts and Demonbolts.

On the pull it’s ok to push 6 imps on tyrant, afterwards as you are able to pool 2-4 demon cores for Tyrant you can and should push for 9 imps, if you want to farm logs then you need to step a little and push for 11 imps or more.

The Imps Might sound low in contribution as their value is only 1/5th of a Felguard, but they contribute in quantity and a 11 imps tyrant is as if you had 1 extra Felguard for Health.

Sounds like your rotation is fine. Generally speaking, after you use vile fiend or GFG, you’re on a timer. Summon dogs and as many imps as you can before the vile fiend or fel guard disappears (Whichever one has a shorter duration) and pop tyrant. How many imps you spawn before tyrant is dependent on how much haste you have.