Dementis LFM H(9/9) BoD - H(2/2) COS

(Nyreeh) #1

Dementis is a successful established AOTC Heroic Raiding Guild on Korgath - US that has been killing bosses on a quick and fair pace for a few expansions.

  • We are proud of the fact that we have killed bosses and gained achievements that were better suited for larger raiding groups.
  • We are proud of the fact that our raids are drama free.
  • We are proud of the fact that our raid environment is a very relaxed one. We get the job done!

Dementis is recruiting players that can make our raid times consistently. We know life sometimes happens and a note on our Guild Discord in advance is appreciated.
We are looking for mature players (18+) since ALL of us are adults :wink: and there is no profanity filter.

Dementis raids on Tuesday and Wednesday from:
7:30pm ST - 10pm ST (8:30pm EST - 11pm EST)

We are looking for players that are interested in raiding and pushing keys in Mythic+ content.

Item Level requirement: 390
Heart of Azeroth requirement: 34

We are also looking for players that MAIN their toon.
Although we do not discriminate against alts in our guild, we believe that MAINS are played better and are well taken care off. We are not here to gear your ALTS, while we play our mains.

TLDR: We are looking for mature raiders that want to be part of a tight knit raid team that has been very successful in the past few expansions and will not bail when the going gets tough.

We support Xrealm raiding and have a community created to support this.

Contact Nyreeh, Paszun, Shadowvoid, Ruhkouri, or Oblividan in game on Korgath US Alliance side or add me on b .net to have a chat! My b .net is Nyreeh#1238.


We are still looking to add a few people to our roster.
We could use a non monk healer. Would prefer a druid or shaman.
Good Ranged DPS is also welcome.

(Nyreeh) #3

Always looking to add good players :wink: