Delete WW Monks, wate of time lvl'n to 120

For real…getting in to mythic runs, Key runs, raids or just normal runs is a fkn joke…how has the ball been dropped so hard??
i aint even having a cry…it’s just bad…

GM’s try pug a key run (not as a GM) and then after ten attempts realize the fail thats happen… legit just ask in general and the whole relm will tell you that WW monks are trash as dps.
Delete the class if you guys aint gonna try. what a waste of time it was lvl’n to 120, may have rolled a dk like every other ezy mode player

I find it funny that people started trying to copy the mdi meta comps when it comes to healers and tanks and rogues but not wind walkers because they were in every group for a lot of season 2 and 3.

Looks like you mispelled dh. And my brother mains a ww and he does fine. Typically does top 5 dps in raid and competitve dps in keys so it seems like a get good scenario.


I reached from 0 to 3kio as a feral druid…

WW monk is bad? what?

Did i miss something about the most OP class in the game? i mean … theres a reason that theyre the most represented class in top tier arenas next to DHs, and theyre part of almost every legit 20man mythic team …

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