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Me and buddy looking to get back into raiding. Haven’t raided since some mythic emerald nightmare and after 4 or 5 bosses in the guild died and we just went ahead and quit the game. The whole AP era of wow just wasn’t for us. We only leveled for BFA and SL and quit. Thankfully DF has been great so far and we’d love to get back into raiding again.

Currently I have a Druid prefer resto will play either spec. I also have a DK love blood but love all 3 so can dps as well.

He is WW monk.

We’re looking to raid 2-3 times a week or so, trying for no earlier than 8pm EST start time if possible.

Currently we’re both 8/8 N I’m 1/8 H and hes 4/8 H I believe.


Added on BNET, lets chat and see if its a good fit!

Hi Forgotten,

Seems like kismet. We’re in need of a resto druid and WW monk at the moment. We raid from 8p-11p EST on Tue & Thu. Currently 6/8H horde on Area 52. If you’re interested in chatting add me on discord! Have a great day!

Discord: Jaystir#1204