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Retribution main in Legion and at the start of BfA. Took a break and now returning for 8.2. Looking for a small to medium sized guild (10-20 veteran guild members), either casual or semi-casual is something I will be able to contribute to, with a goal to raid Normal and Heroic Palace every 2 to 3 nights (or days, my schedule is flexible) a week.

Contact me via Discord or BNet if interested:

Valkryn#7752 (Discord)
Valkyr#1162 (BNet)

Or you can leave a post here to leave your guild info and contact info.

Sent you Bnet friend request

Who We Are:
is a casual raiding guild full of skilled, fun, and relaxed adults. We focus on clearing Heroic raid content, but hope to try a little Mythic if we get a solid roster. Our goal is to just have a good time and have fun raiding. We aren’t very social outside of raid times, but a few of us are on from time to time.

Raid times:
Tuesday: 8:30 - 11pm EST
Thursday: 8:30 - 11pm EST

We have a very casual and completely voluntary night on Mondays doing alt raids, mythic+ runs, old content, PvP, etc.

What We’re Looking For:
Looking for a few key specs and roles to round out some gaps in our lineup. Here is our priority list:

1. Warlock
2. Holy Paladin
3. Windwalker
3. Ret Paladin
4. Resto Druid
5. Mistweaver Monk
6. Resto Shaman
7. Any other dps except druids (sorry, the guild said no more druids ;P )

If you have any of the following traits, it’s a bonus for our guild:

1. The ability to tell horrible puns.
2. Love of anime.
3. Love of metal rock music.
4. Generally high level of nerdiness. ;P

Voice Chat (required):

Contact Us:
Olorria - Recruitment Officer (Bnet: Olorria#1955 , Discord: Olorria#4679 )
Lifefire - Raid Lead (Bnet: Lifefire#1458, Discord: Lifefire#2005)

Current Progress:
BoD: 9/9H 1/9M | CoS: 2/2H I EP 8/8N 7/8H

Hi there Lonristyn!

Welcome back! Hopefully you had a nice break.

I’ll leave my guild spam here for you to look over: [H]Revered with Death - What's your End Game?

If we sound like a place that might fit for you give me a hollar.

We are a more casual guild, one thing though you will find is we are a lot of West Coasters on an East Coast server, so most of the activity happens I’d say…6pm-11pm PST.

Any given night you’ll find between 8-15 people online. Though we are smaller, we’re fairly active with things. Last night did a drunken faceroll LFR (ok…maybe I was the only one drunk but it was still fun).

Lot’s of keys get run throughout the week. And we raid Fri/Sat, starting into H EP tonight.

Anyhoo, give me a shout if you are interested. All my contact info is on the recruitment post.

Best of luck!!



< Intervention > was full of despondent, introverted virgin cucks for the majority of its raiding roster. Might as well be renamed to < Introversion >.

Still looking for a decent guild to join.

(Sorry Tillae. I appreciate the offer but I don’t think I will be a good fit for your guild)

Phury raids tues/weds 10-1 and mondays 11-1 we are 7/8h closeing in on our queen kill getting ready to start in mythics would love to speak with you hit me up i’v added u on bnet tang#1917

Found my new home.

Thank you everyone.