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We are weekend warriors on proudmoore.

We are recruiting ! We are a Raiding and Mythic+ guild looking to build our ranks! Recruiting all classes, roles and experience!

We are a newer guild with years of experience in leading and raiding focused on building something new and fresh! We like to keep things fun and relaxed but at the same time focusing on content when the time comes.

What can we provide?

  • Progress and growth within the guild and content!

  • Family oriented (both in-game and out)

  • 18+ environment

  • Safe and friendly space to be you!

Who are we looking for?

  • Like minded individuals who want to have fun and joke around, but also still do end-game content!

  • Players willing to learn and grow with the guild

  • Those looking for a fun and safe environment

Raid Times

Normal Raid (gearing and learning) Friday 8pm est- 10pm est

Heroic- Saturday 8pm est to 10pm est

Recruitment Needs:

At the moment our recruitment is open to all! If this sounds like something you’d be interested don’t hesitate to come talk to us!



Hi Sammy!

Not a lot to go off in your post, but unfortunately I have limited space in our core roster - currently only looking exclusively for a warlock DPS and a prevoker or resto shaman healer. Check out our guild blurb and reach out to me with the contact info at the bottom if you’re interested.


Hi Sammysenpai,
I am the GM of the guild Gnome Depot on Stormrage. We are currently looking to fill roles for our Fri/Sat night progression team. Right now we are currently looking for a healer or dps, We raid from 9:30pm -12:30 EST. I would love to sit down and tell you more about us if you are interested. I hope to hear back from you soon!

Hey Sammysenpai!

Keystone Raiders is a new guild on Proudmoore eyeing AOTC for 10.2. We’ll raid one night a week (W 6-9 PT) with the rest of the week focused on M+ teams

We’re currently in need of DPS and flex players. Hit me up if you’re intersted

In-game — [A]Hansraj / [H]Hansraaj
Discord — Hansraj
BattleTag — Hansraj#1828

Hello Sammysenpai, I’m the GM of Hawks Nest, here is a little info about us, contact one of us on discord and we can chat maybe we’d be a good home for you to build with.

Guild/Server: - Area 52
Raid Times: Wednesday/Thursday 7pm to 10pm EST
Current Progression: N/A - Plan to Begin Amirdrassil no later then Nov 29th

New Guild: Were a group of friends returning to retail looking for more members to build a raid team. Leadership has been playing WoW for 20 years, and raided almost all content. We took a break to play Classic but are returning back to Retail!

Goals: Clear Heroic for AoTC and go into Mythic for CE.
Requirements: Discord for voice comms, knowledge of your class, positive attitude.

Needs: All Roles are currently being accepted.
Recruitment Contacts: Discord: Sparhawk1981 or Discord: Elmerffudd02818 (edited)

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