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Hi vesperion! Our guild is looking for mythic raiders as we are currently progging (2/10 M) and are looking to fill some spots. We raid Tuesdays and saturdays 7 -10 pm pst. We are a super friendly group and we love doing dungeons and hanging out outside of raid times. Our group loves to joke around and have fun but still learn and improve. If youre interested or want more info feel free to message me!!! We are horde on gurubashi and our guild name is Dsylxiec.

Sent a friend request on discord.

Strategic Miscalculation is looking for more players!

We’ve been together for three years and are made up of some friendly, helpful, fun players. We do it all from raiding/M+/pet battle/pvp/mount collection/achievement runs. We have the most generous Guild Lead you’ll meet.

M+: Can always use more people in the evening to run M+, we have all level types, some of us pushing 17-18’s and some of us in the 5’s still learning and everything between.

Raid: We have 2 raid teams

Wed/Sun 9-11 pm server (CST) is a casual AOTC team for people who don’t want to stress the little things but want to kill bosses. Looking for DPS. Current progress is 7/10 Heroic.

Fri/Sat 8-11 pm server (CST) is a progression focused team that goes into mythic with the intent to have fun while still moving forward in mythic raiding. Looking for DPS and one healer. Half the team stopped raiding shortly after getting AOTC, before leaving we were 2/10 M.

If you are still new (or just coming back) and learning we are a great fit, or if you are an old wow player and are just looking for a fun home to push high content with, we’d be a great fit too. Please reach out to myself on Btag or Discord to ask more questions if you have any.

Bnet: Vin#12877
Discord: Vin#7832

Hey there we are a one day a week guild I know your looking for two but figured I’d drop a line anyways as you will love us