Delete please

Could always use extra mages. :grin:

guardian druid 2/10M id be really interested in talking to someone about applying

Krsnick, if you haven’t gotten in touch with anyone feel free to contact me Blitz#12128 on bnet. :slight_smile:

Currently taking a hard look at Rshams and mages.

Where all the warlocks at?

Blitz really likes em rshammy and mage-ey.

friended you, my discord is krsnik#1932 lemme know whenever you wanna talk

Still looking for some more!

Everyone has their kink, Sally =p

Where are all the hunters?

Come pump with us.

Where all the DK’s at?

People don’t be believin’ mythic bosses be loot piñatas but they DO.

Still looking!

Still looking to fill a couple key spaces on the roster. :grin:

Still looking for fun members!

Apparently warriors no longer exist. :upside_down_face:

Still need dps!

Currently seeking tanks and dps, though all are considered.

We’ll feed you. :grin: