Delete Please

Cool players ,have fun and come raid with us .

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Cross Relam Mythic starts this coming Tuesday! We still have some spots open!

Cross realm open come raid with us

Still working on our roster… Looking for Heals and DPS (mostly ranged). However I will consider any exceptional player who fits our criteria.

Still need dps and heals

LFM like minded Adult players to clear Heroic and push Mythic content with us… Shoot me a message!

Working on Mythic EP.

Need a few DPS to round out the roster.

Want to raid with some wiseguys. Need some mana flinging, projectile shooting dps… going deep in mythic EP…

still looking for dps come have fun raiding with us

it 3/8M Last night with 4 PuG’s… come join us and see how good we could be,

come join us need a few dps to take on ashvane and more

8.3 will be here before you know it. If your looking to get back into raiding, hit me up!

Come for the Jokes, stay for the kills

UPDATED to show current recruitment’s as well as the new raid team as of today!

still looking for a few dps for our progression team and also looking for all specs for our casual average joes raid team starting soon .

looking for dps for royal guard team as well as all for average joes team

great players we have fun and kill bosses plz contact us about our casual or progression team

We still have pleanty of spots avalible on Both our raid teams… Shoot us a message in game!

still need to fill spots on both teams apply today

Hey there, I just got back into the game and rerolled on Proudmoore. I am currently looking for a guild that is willing to take in someone with no raiding experience and may be willing to help teach. I have been running solo the past few months and looking for a social place to hang out and have some fun. Mythic Plus would also be a bonus as I would like to explore more difficult content moving forward. Let me know if your guild would be a good fit and I will reach out in game to discuss if necessary. Thanks for looking.