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Interested BT invite sent

Hi! Rok is going to add you now, thank you for contacting us!

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Current needs:

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AOTC Disc Priest interested!

Hi! Please contact our Raid Leader or Guild Master or provide a way to contact you and I’ll be happy to do so!

  • Raid Leader : Darksledge-Stormrage (Battletag: Darksledge#1348)
  • Guild Master : Ròk-Stormrage (Battletag: Rok#12214)

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Who we are looking for:

As we prepare for Season 3, we are looking for players to join our raid team. Current needs:

  • One Healer : Holy/Disc Priest or Resto Shaman.
  • One DPS who can flex as healer: Elemental/Enhancement Shama or Shadow Priest.

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Still looking for a healer/flex DPS… 10.2 is right around the corner.

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Bumping this! We’re looking for a mage.