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If you can make 7:30pm pst then our guild may be a good fit for you. Check us out:

add me @ Basedgod#1650 we are 9/9H 3/9M very very active guild

We are Atrocity on the Stormrage server alliance side. We are currently 4/9H but aiming for 6 this week. We had the normal recruitment issues which have since been resolved. Add me on b net neozippy#1950 and let’s chat!

Raid times / days: Tues / Weds / Thurs 9pm est - 12am est.
Optional Day: Monday 9pm est - 12 am est.
Heroic Runs: Typically done on the weekends, feel free to bring your alts, also optional.



Most melee classes


All ranged dps


Holy paladin
Resto shaman

We’re a guild that was created from a core of ex top 10 US raiders, made our own guild to PUMP and get CE this tier. Going to be building a monster roster, then pushing ranks for the next coming tiers.

We already have a roster for mythic this Tuesday, with people who have already progressed this tier. We are simply looking to better our comp with certain classes / players.

We will always accept exceptional applicants.

If you’re in and want to build a sick guild with the boys, hit me up. Supremacy#11937


Vitamin GG is a semi-hardcore guild that seeks to clear Mythic content on a 2 day schdule.

Each member is required to research their class and bring consumables as we strive to work as a team. We currently run Heroic on farm each Thursday from 730-10
server and this is open to all members to get ready and max min their mains for mythic progression.

We are curretly looking for a Ele Shaman or Warlock but any strong DPS will be considred. We are also looking for one more dps to round out our ranks.

Our main raid nights are Friday and Saturday from 730-11 server with an expectation of 80% attendance for the main raid nights. We ask our members to complete
1 Mythic 10 per week and encourage others to also creat groups and farm gear and experience for raid nights.

In game we do it all. We are an active guild with members on throughout the whole week; PVP, Mythic Plus, BG as well as alt runs. We are filled with
a supportive group and we are always looking to work together to help the whole group. We always run logs and constantly look and analyze the logs to push the group further.
You will always find our members seeking sim on gear. We practice a modified loot council for unwanted loot in order to max min but we also encourage all memebers to use the gear
they get and do not require anyone to put their loot up for roll. We strive to be better players and better people and build a group that works well with each other. Our guild is on average
21 and up and we have a very positive social aspect to our group. Since we raid a limited amount of days its imoportant for all memebers to bring their best. Our Goal is to be a CE guild and
we do our best to obtain that end.

If this sounds like a good fit please contact Frogrider (Frogrider#1236) or Aecis (Aecis#1119), on Proudmoore.

Thursday Optional Heroic 730-11pm PST
Friday and Saturday Mythic 730-11pm PST

Hey magnus! My fancy has been struck so to speak lol. Our raid times are within a half hour of your needs, and we could use both of you! Take a look at my spam below and hit me up if interested! Take care!

Hello! We are a late night guild on BH, and while our goal is to progress through all of mythic, we do it with a relaxed attitude and have fun with each other!

Resounding Maybe on US-Bleeding Hollow is currently looking for more members for our raid team! We raid Fri (9-12PST) and Sat (8-11PST), with a Wednesday off night (currently normal BoD, 8-11PST). Always open to trials before transfers as well!

If interested let me know! McAlison#1894

up up and away

Hello Magnus!

We have room for you and your friend. Our raid times would work for you since we raid Tues. and Thurs. from 8:30PM Pacific until 11PM. Just 5 hours a week, currently 8/9H though close to getting Jaina down. Eventually we plan on doing a bit of mythic raiding as well. We usually end each tier with about half the mythic bosses down.

The team is mostly retired hardcore. We enjoy doing RBGs and M+ when we are not raiding. Last season we went 2100 with guild RBGs. Let me know if you have questions or might be interested in joining our team. If you are looking for a light raid schedule that is still progression-minded, then we might be the right fit for you guys. Add me at Neddy#1554.

Alliance-Stormrage H 7/9 M 1/9
The two of you would be an almost perfect fit for what we are presently searching for to continue our heroic progression and start mythic within the next few weeks.

18+ Friendly yet raid focused guild. Would definitely be interested to speak with you further and answer any questions you may have.

We raid 9pm EST wednesday and saturday evenings until midnight.

Would like to see some logs for CE progression [h] 8/9M GUILD TRIALING TONIGHT! LATE NIGHT

Current Needs

Ele Shaman

Any other reliable, big DPS

Do not bother messaging if you cannot commit to raid times and if you do not have any Mythic Logs from BoD I can make room on our team for both of you assuming you both pull your own weight, I’d be excited to talk!

**Server:**Kel’Thuzad [A]

Raid Times

Sunday 8:30pm - 11:00pm MDT (10:30-1:00am Eastern)

Monday 8:30pm - 11:00pm MDT (10:30-1:00am Eastern)

*Off night carries/alt clears Tuesday 8:30pm - 11:30pm MDT (10:30-1:30am Eastern)

BFA Prog
4/9M BoD
9/9H BoD
6/8M Uldir

Cutting Edge EN

Raider Perks

  • Full Repairs

  • Flasks, Feasts & Runes Provided

  • 15k-25k gold each off night carry run

  • DPS Pots provided on some content


Semi-hardcore guild on a lite 2 night schedule. Formed early legion and progressed through Mythic. Guild full of mid to late twenties early thirties players, college students & parents. We will attempt to get CE on each tier. We run a roster of 23-26 to avoid attendance issues + stack classes for fight needs.




Gold Carries

M+ Key Pushing


Post in our recruitment thread on or add me Robbilee#1782 so we can get in contact with you.

If you’re in the market for an AoTC heroic focused group I think we’re a great fit for you! Info below!

<Basic Guild> on Mal’ganis has two late night raiding groups. Insubordinate, a hardcore Cutting Edge Mythic progression group; and Churlish, a casual Ahead of the Curve Heroic group. I think you’d be a fit for our heroic group!

We are a group of veteran players, many who have raided more hardcore in the past, but have settled with families, jobs, or school and are just looking for a more casual raiding experience.

We raid Tuesday and Thursday
10:30pm - 1:30am CT
Currently 6/9H

Looking for some DPS to fill in the spots as we tackle the new raid!

We’re currently looking for:
DPS: Rogue/Priest/Shaman (HIGH), Warrior/Mage/DH (MED), Any (LOW)
Healer: Closed
Tank: Closed
Ilvl 385 preferred for Heroic BoD.

If this sounds like a fit, let’s chat!
Btag: Kylani#1647
Discord: Kylani#7927

Hey there,

I am a team lead for the newly formed team Project X on Sargeras (Alliance).

we are newly formed this tier, with the intent to form a successful team and push as far into Mythic as possible for BoD, with the goal of being a CE guild asap. we are currently 6/9H, with 1/9M being killed every week, looking for numbers and a consistent roster that will allow us to push into Mythic.

Raid times are Tuesday/Thursday, 830-1130 CST, with M+ being ran throughout the week as a guild. We have a pretty laid back atmosphere, the raid leads all have experience leading AoTC teams throughout the last 3+ tiers, and we are simply looking to push the envelope further with a new team and a new guild.

Along side our mythic team we also run a heroic only team sunday nights 730-1030 CST, willing to take alts/anyone who wants a more laid back schedule.

If joining up with a newly formed team is something that sparks your interest, feel free to hit me up on discord and I can answer any questions you may have.


Check us out!

< Convergent >
US-Stormrage | Alliance
Monday/tuesday/Wensday 10:00PM To 12:30AM PST
Tuesday/Wesday/Thursday 1:00AM To 3:30AM EST

Current Progression:
Battle of Dazar’alor: 1/9M | 9/9H

Guild leader
Mostdeadly#1655 In Game jaucen

Raid leader
Ebonbane#1309 In Game Runegazer

PUGLIFE#11768 Pugslife
gagekirk00#1844 Veyronn
Myself#1619 Ventinha
Beardisinmou#1428 Zreck

Hello Magnus.
If you are still looking for a raiding guild feel free to add me on battlenet, @Kaitly#11141

If you both are still looking for a guild, check us out. If any interest reach out to me on bnet Moonpie#1732

Heya, I would be interested in chatting with you about our guild. Take a look at our recruitment and give me a shout if your interested!

<REIN> LFM Heroic/Mythic raiders for BoD Mythic Progress (2/2H CoS, 9/9H 3/9M)

We raid tue/wed for main nights our alt group thursday 8:00-10:30 PM CST(server) we are semi casual guild Aimed For AOTC and M+, Also casual pvp and guild events(on request). If you Want to know more or want an invite add your down below. feel free to ask any questions you want. We were 2/8 M Uldir and curently 9/9N 8/9H 1/9M BFDA
Melee and shaman are wanted here!
My Bnet is sailrmoonkin#11855

Fourth Meal is an Alliance mythic raiding guild located on Exodar/Medivh. We are currently recruiting to bolster our mythic raiding roster. We are always accepting of all mature players who look to have fun while still being able to use raid time efficiently to meet our goals.

Fourth Meal has been a perennial AOTC guild for the last few expansions. We boast a raid leader/guild master that has experience raiding since vanilla as well as a dedicated core of officers. Our goal each raid tier is to obtain AOTC and progress into mythic.

We look forward to hearing from you and discuss potential raid opportunities!

Raid Times:

Tuesday 8-11 EST

Wednesday 8-11 EST

Occasional Mondays 8 or 9 to 11 EST

Our Needs:


Shadow Priests

Ele Shamans that would be able to flex resto

However all exceptional applicants are invited to apply!

Current Progression:

9/9 Heroic (AOTC earned 6th week of tier)

1/9 Mythic


Recruitment Officer:

Bnet: Flenight#1562



Guild Leader/Raid Leader:

Bnet: Raden#1255

Discord: Raden#4895