<deep smash> 10/10h cn rdps, heals, tanks

Deep Smash is a 10/10H guild on Zul’jin looking for individuals whose goal is to progress through Mythic as far as possible each tier. We expect every raider to come with knowledge of each fight and be there on time. If you’re looking for a fun environment and a great group of people to play with, come apply!

Schedule Tuesday: 8:00 - 11:00pm EST Thursday: 8:00 - 11:00pm EST Sunday: 8:00 - 11:00pm EST - Optional depending on progress

*We are more than just a two day a week raiding guild! Most of our members are passionate about pushing keys in M+! So if you are looking for a more key focused guild or somewhere casual, we have place you can call home! *

Recruitment Needs We are looking for all players that are active on the game and consistently looking to improve every week and hungry for a competitive environment. Tanks: Need all; Healers: Need all (preferred Druid, Shaman); DPS: Need RDPS (especially Mage, SPriest)

Requirements DBM/BigWigs & Weakauras

How to Apply Contact me on game or discord with the names listed below or leave a comment on this thread with your B-Tag or discord name

contact info:

(GM)Vodel: Lorzhul#1272 (bnet) / Lorzhul#6102 (discord)

(GM) Unsaintëd: Alycole#1304 (bnet) / alc0311#9459 (Discord)

Still looking for faithful players!

If you’re interested in a 210ish druid (guardian/balance) and a 210ish hunter contact me. b.net is wutu#1726