<Deathrolls and Taxes> Recruiting Melee dps for Core team

Deathrolls and Taxes is a semi hardcore guild. We’re currently recruiting a Enhance Shaman, 1 Boomkin and 2 Melee dps. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 9pm-12am. We are 8/8 BWL with 7th rated for execution on server. We like to have fun, and deathroll, but at the same time like to see performance and skill behind our raiders. We currently operate on a DKP system but are going to transition into a EPGP system. We have a bonus for DKP for those that join now!

With BWL being out as long as it has we’re currently only raiding on Tuesday and only doing BWL and Ony for DKP. Wednesdays we do guild hosted MC GDKP.

Will also accept other guildies, please reach out to one of the following in game:
Holylocked - Healing Officer
Meatwrench - Melee Officer
Keiling/Jormudagndr - Hunter Class lead
Jupiter - Rogue Class lead
Carkeys - Tank Officer
Platinum - Ranged Officer.
Dought - Warlock Class Lead