Deathrollers are a plague

They are super annoying and ruin any sort of immersion I might have. Can’t even talk them out of spamming chat with their nonsense.

Just put them in your ignore list. Easy solutions for easy problems.


They are like hydras, you destroy one head and two take its place.

I can understand not liking them because they are rats who steal from each other literally every 4 seconds but ‘breaking immersion’ doesn’t really make sense to me.

It seems very RP to me, some grifty rogue type swindlers trying to talk people into playing their rigged game on the Stormwind streets.

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I mean winning is RNG, they can’t really stack anything in their favor, not sure how they are stealing.

If it was done in /s or /w then I could see it but they are literally yelling it in major cities. :frowning:

Lose roll, log out.

the guy who rolls first wins

Technicaly people advertising deathrolls are doing so against the ToS. Can not advertise “casino/gambling” in public channels. Now if blizz will actually do something about them if you report who knows…

Leave the major city and go do something else?

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People rolling dice ruins your immersion? Wow, you must be REALLY bad at immersing yourself.

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