Death strike btw

Honest to god i find it absurd with the amount of ways to negate lock damage that DK death strike isnt hard capped at all. Even grim of supremacy has a 20 stack cap.

You can proc infernals right? So yea by go I guess you mean dumping all of your cds, in which case the DK will not be a good target unless you can bait the AMS.

Proccing an infernal does very little in regards to increasing bolt damage. At best 16% stronger.

DKs are supposedly able to sustain worse versus smaller hits/consistent damage but enter tank trinkets mitigating that “weakness”

Also just because lock is overpowered in some places doesn’t mean it’s okay for death strike to be also lol, they aren’t mutually exclusive you’re just blindly defending DS

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It’s the percent based skills I agree its dumb. But agian he will die from the amount of dmg he will need to take to do a 200k DS without every CD under the sun. Thats literally 800k dmg before mitigation in 5 seconds.

Riggghhhhttt… Lol because they’re super easy to kill for melee? Or dot cleaves? Any more than any other dps anyways? Not even a little bit.

My dude I don’t think dk is kill target on any comp they play in until deep dampening. Ds is busted. It needed a cap ages ago.


I have no problem with them on Warrior, DH or Monk. I’ve never played the other melee in arena so I can’t comment on them. Which of these are you assuming they have the advantage over in 2s or 3s? Arms Warrior without tank trinkets and Disc Priests are like the only thing in the game its easy to kill right now.

Are you really saying that a lock can kite a dk for 5 seconds?
Try binding chains and grip

I mean, destro is disgusting but mobile, not really

Dont feed the DK / Destro players


Don’t complain Rival heyìmholy is breaking down how to kill a dk! Apparently everyone’s been doing it wrong


DK Dark Succor in Cata was removed and now it’s been hiden behind a different tooltip with a possible honor talent being transfusion too.

but theyre a hero class so i guess no other class is allowed to stand a chance.

Disarm mortal strike

Crap load of dodge and they dont do big hits so DS won’t *help with healing near as much

Combo of disarm fof parry and mortal strike

Edit: *

Heals for percentage of damage taken so it is as effective on small hits as it is on big hits. For you to actually heal for a positive amount the damage wouldnt have been threatening anyways.

When you are rotting them down you wont see them just jump up.
So if you time it right with things like tod and bade dance you can deny them healing the bigger things the small hits are doing.

Its not jumping up really, just taking back some of the damage taken. Its not a net positive heal.

That’s right, get rid of all dps healing. Pure dps should not be able to heal at all.

its the fact that they can just slam shut kill windows and negate minutes worth of resources with nothing but a single death strike.

Why are folks preaching that little hits counter deathstrike, who cares


I am saying that’s how I kill them, because I don’t have big hits. Gone are the days of rsk being more than a MS applicator

Warlocks and Death Knights complaining who’s more OP… and I’m just wishing my Enhance didnt suck.

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Death Strike should cost runes again. It’s a dumb design making it a runic power spender… i mean, there’s no impact in the rotation at all. You can go full necrostrike and then autohealing.