Death Knights for Shadowlands?

Hi I am a new player who just started 2 months ago lol. I just started and hey just announced a new expansion. Anyways I want to see if death knights are any fun. In shadowlands. If it will be (I mean it is kind of like the main class like monks are in Mists Of Pandaria) what will be a good spec to play? I’ve seen a couple of DKs dancing around on my experience. Unholy looked good as you spread plagues and summon an army of ugly dead people. Frost looked also good with 2 swords doing cool snow and ice stuff. It looked like a mini Lich King. Also if Blood is good too cause for some reason I’v seen some people leveling as blood tanks which at first I thought was weird.

But as I searched up it looked like Unholy and Frost are in a tug of war, but neither of them seems to win. While Wowhead recommended Blood. But I like the other 2 better. But I am planning to do Blood for pvp as it is good. If you can, can you guys tell me what would be good for Quests, Dungeons and PvP? Or if they are even any good at those stuff? Thanks a bunch!

P.S If DKs are not good then I’m rolling another Druid.

As of now Blood is looking like one of the best tanks for raiding in Shadowlands, Unholy takes more GCDs on the opener then any class but is rewarding if you can tolerate that, and Frost is a spec you either love or hate cause its kinda bland imo.

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frost has nice burst, but at the moment and historically unholy is the overall better pvp spec.

itll probably get nerfed but unholy can get an ams that lasts for 20 seconds, absorbs 50% of their hp,and also heals for that same amount. effectively a 100% heal against magic damage and immunity every minute, till it breaks.

The DK is in my opinion a class you need to enjoy the lore and theme more than others.

Unholy is at its core a pet class. If you don’t enjoy managing a pet then you won’t enjoy Unholy. Traditionally Unholy has been solid and it continues to look that way.

Frost has a very simple but enjoyable rotation. The theme is IMO very cool and only getting better with the return of 2H weapons.

Blood has a very reactive play style. This makes its easy to get into but it can be hard to master. Blood is typically very good at the start of a new expansion.

I personally enjoy Frost but I do understand why some people get bored of it.

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If your goal is to PvP youre not going to want to play Blood.
Tank specs, especially Blood DKs are very very VERY bad in PvP.
UHDK and FrostDK are both good though.

Its a good fun class.
Has the most keybinds so if button bloat scares you, you might wanna consider a different class.


Well yeah I was not really crazy about a blood DK as pvp but they DO win almost every duel they do. Trust me on that one. 6 in a row lol! But I think you’re right. Outnumbering 2 by a million with UHdk sounds nice. Also Frost.

EDIT: For general gameplay and questing or dungeons. I am mainly looking at Frost and Unholy (well also blood for duels and dungeon spams). The reason I like frost is cause it looks cool and it’s (to me) kind of feels spammy like fury warriors. But Unholy also feels good as I just summon a couple of dancing zombies and even more when I hit Army Of The Dead. Both are head butting each other to see what’s good. Leveling and PvP and dungeons.

They say they are fairly close but too me there can only be one. Lol.

Maybe unholy, frost is not that many really, seems same as other classes if not a tad less

Have you seen ret paladin binds recently? l’ve got a 12 side button Naga, use the entire left side of my keyboard for hotkeys, and I use shift mods, and I dont have enough keybinds for SL ret.

Frost is just above Havoc and BM in terms of spell count. UH does have a lot of binds though.

The best thing about DK is that their Death’s Due passive means you cannot be slowed less than 70% movement speed (as in, you can always move at 70% speed no matter what). Chains of ice on enemy + death’s due passive = the best

Deaths advance*

All three specs are rated S-A Tier.

Frost is looking bawler

DK is the best class and there isn’t any bias whatsoever

Frost is weakest spec for me ever since the loss of 2H (we do get it back in Shadowlands yay!) and the reliance on Breath of Sindragosa (since it’s so good).

I only started playing Unholy as my main spec in BfA and it is so darn good. I love it and can’t believe my ignorance in not trying it earlier.

Blood has always been a fun spec to tank with. I don’t tank too often but I think i’ll give it more of a go in Shadowlands.

DK is a ton of fun and my go-to class since Wrath