Death Knight being attacked in the Ebon Hold

So i use the death gate to the Ebon Hold and their training dummies to set up my weak auras and this is now officially the 2nd time I’ve been attacked after checking buffs and debuffs while dropping combat.

i can get hated by the ebon blade if i tried hard enough but i think that might break something… i’m really tempted to try it.

Just wanted to get some proof down before i start the Ebon Genocide on E.D.

imgur h9SMtNW

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You may want to check and make sure you’re not “At War” with the Ebon Blade. That’s the only thing I can think of off the top of my head that isn’t you possibly on some questline that may be the cause.

Open up your reputation panel and take a peek at Ebon Blade. Make sure the “At War” box isn’t selected. Unless you really want to go murder hobo, but messing up that rep as a DK is likely going to be a bit of a hindrance at some point.