Death and Madness / Painbreaker Psalm

When using the legendary Painbreaker Psalm with Death and Madness, Shadow Word: Death does not reset if either of the instant dot damage effects from Painbreaker Psalm land the killing blow.


Having the same problem, only reason i crafted Psalm is for the execute chains


I’d of waited and crafted our bis from the raid

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It’s possible they don’t plan on raiding.


I was fine waiting, not sure if I’d get Eternal Call of the Void next week / have time to raid. I thought Psalm was cool because it fit my playstyle for Dungeons / PvP / Torghast, but this bug ruins it. Hopefully it gets fixed soon, in its current state it’s very hard to use effectively.

I’m liking the idea of using Painbreaker Psalm in pvp personally so i just went ahead and used it

Couple of other bugs I found:

  1. It doesn’t correctly benefit from mastery until your dots do damage to the target. IE, if you apply dots via Misery or Damnation and then immediately SW: Death, it’ll do less damage than if you waited until they start ticking. Kind of annoying if you want to do some quick burst.
  2. It will do the full 8 seconds of damage even if there’s 0.1 seconds left on the dots. This might be a bug but this one is of course in our benefit.
  3. Finally is the bug I mentioned in the topic that I’ll elaborate on. When you hit the target, the combat log says shadow word death hits first, followed by two other “Painbreaker Psalm” effects, one for each of your dots. If either of these is what deals the final blow to the target, Death and Madness won’t proc (SW: Death won’t reset, you won’t get the 40 insanity). Some people I talk to speculate this may be because under the hood, the instant dot damage is happening first and killing the target, so SW: Death might not be hitting and the Death and Madness debuff never gets applied. I’ve gotten use to it, but it’s damn near gamebreaking.

I am also having the same issue which was well described by lacry. It’s definitely gamebreaking for the legendary since it can easily be detrimental to quick farming rather than beneficial.

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For those experiencing the issue, please also reply to Priest: Death and Madness / Painbreaker Psalm as this may help it get more attention for a hotfix.