Dear Tipsout: Verdan the Everliving

(Thundathys) #51

Basing your entire brand on potentially false knowledge is not smart, reporting something as “broken” is just silly when you’re the one at fault.
That and Tips is famous for #nochangesexcepttheonesthatsuithim.

(Abigaiil) #52

I did too - when he went after Blizzard for trying to push “realm sharding” last November.

Something changed.


Verdan the Everliving is lvl 24 and Tips was only 18, so it was a 6 lvl difference, not 3.

(Thundathys) #54

NO wonder he was taking a trucking.


Perhaps he was changed after the publishing date of the Bestiary, but it says he is level 20.

Classicdb says he’s 21.


He’s been grinding Tips and getting levels.


Verdan the Everliving is level 21 on the beta as well.


I like watching Tips videos. I don’t watch much streamers. Of course I lol when they die. I don’t look at the streamers being the best or whatever. I like how they look at the game you can disagree with them.

They should do a compilation of deaths in beta. That gets me hyped up. I like challenging things. The more addons the less I am impressed as well.

(Mysfyre) #59

17 to 21 would allow crushing blows IIRC (+4 variance?)

Quick question I didn’t see. Was his defense capped for the level?

Anyone got a screenshot of the combat log and character sheet?


I think people are more upset with the fact that he died and his first thought was

“Oh I died the game must be overturned.”

Instead of

“Oh I died, what can I do better next time?”

I’d like to see him play dark souls now.

(Galdor) #61

I don’t think Tips is a good rep. for Classic but did you really need to make a thread to call him out?


Felt more like fresh delivery of a spicy meme for us to enjoy.

(Galdor) #63

Well, the meme is pretty good I admit.


Also remember old blizzard pretty much having to be told that the top raiding guilds would quit their game if AQ wasn’t looked at due to how hard the boss is?

Old blizzard would have looked at this report and told you to “get good and try again.”

(Theloras) #65

actually yes it was warranted to be perfectly honest - the Classic streamers are literally making cash donations hand over fist being the first people through the gates even though they are completely out of their depths when it comes to Vanilla/Classic WoW mechanics and playstyle

don’t even get me started on the retail wow streamers who screamed for years that vanilla/classic was garbage, that no one would ever want to play it or that Blizzard should never even consider remaking the game

those cash cow shill hypocrites deserve to be called out for their videos/streams/posts that they made laughing/cheering when Nost shut down - I have no respect for them and quite honestly, they have no right being here.


(Junivi) #66

I wonder if he would rage as hard as asmon did when he died, or fat roll for most of the game and think thats fine.


Most streamers haven’t played Vanilla before.

And then those whom have might have forgotten after all these years.

I think these types of mistakes are therefore bound to happen.

Luckily Blizzard have a vanilla reference client in-house to check any feedback made by beta testers

(Mini) #68

For what it’s worth Verdan did hit like a truck.

We all know Hunters and not taking growl off but I actually would keep it on back then for this guy to occasionally snag aggro and soak a hit or two.

(Swani) #69

Why the fuss? He got critted and crushed plus broken armour, nothing to see here, moving on.

(Teedo) #70

I actually do remember having to precast heals for Verdan back in the day. He is just a big hitter - i mean, he is B.I.G.