Dear Rogue Mains Help Me!

I’m currently with a group of friends and I have an opportunity to play anything I want. We’re planning on doing lots of Mythic+ runs in BFA and the next expansion. With that out of the way… I’m stuck between Rolling a Rogue or a Pally. My main was a Warrior for some time but I’ve grown extremely bored with how it plays, the reason I’m saying this is cause I know some classes can show similarity’s to other classes. No saying that it plays exultantly like Warrior but being able to take some of my knowledge over to Rogue or Pally.
I’m very stuck between what to pick, I’ve played both Rogue and Pally and they’re both around the 60-70 level currently. I like both of them but I need you, the die hard rogue mains to help me decide.

Strictly dps? Then rogue because they always have at least one spec that is S tier. Any chance you want/need to tank or heal, then pally.