Dear Good M+ Holy Priests

I keep seeing the top logs for holy priests and they usually seem to have no or very few casts of Prayer of Healing. Could I just take this off my bar? I kind of want the divine star talent (so fun) but I’m getting button overload over here.

I dont use it and heal five or six dungeons a day. I think I did cast it once this year though.


Lol! Thanks I appreciate it!


Prayer of healing has virtually no use in Shadowlands, overall. The only time you’ll use it is playing a Harmonius Apparatus build - but that build is just worse than Flash concentration is in all content.

Take Flash Concentration, Resonant Words conduit and Surge of Light + Trail of Light. Then get 5 stacks of FC, keep it up by using your surge of light procs, and spam heal, basically, even in AoE situations - where you’ll use sanctify, but then continue using heal. Weave in holy words (chastise included) to get a huge buff on your heal casts as well. When big damage is about to happen, hit Apotheosis and spam heal/serenity.

Then for damage, Divine Star off CD, Holy Fire off CD, Covenant ability off CD if you’re not night fae, SW:P what you can outside that (so long as they’re not about to die). And you’re set. :stuck_out_tongue:


HA is better in any content where you want to do more damage and don’t need the extra throughput from FC

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You can delete it off your bar.

Next expansion though it’s looking to be a much more viable button to press.

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And twins is better than HA in that content :person_shrugging:

And in the case of solo content, Divine Image does more damage, too.

I respect that argument! I actually wish there were proper healer dps sims. I’m nearly positive that spending 4pc procs on holy fire is wayy better than DI or being able to self-PI on single target, but it’s probably close on aoe, and PI might win if you’re kyrian and it pushes you above an ascended blast breakpoint (although I think you should always have enough haste to do that in m+). HA is also good for healing, but I won’t dwell on that too much since I’m making the argument that you don’t need help healing.

I just reject the idea of FC being an “all content” legendary when it’s really kind of useless (and takes maintenance gcds) if your healing output isn’t being stressed hard.

But it’s whatever, I’m taking this thread off the rails because PoH is pretty niche even without FC. It’s not bad with prayer circle and HA, but even then it’s niche and relies on you getting value from dropping sanctify frequently which probably isn’t happening in a dungeon.

I used renew and poh a lot in season 1. I used harmonious aparatus for a while. All my logs were like 95 to 100 using it. But flash conc too OP with trail of light which is why u dont see it much