Dear dev team, please consider updating hunter world buffs for Phase 5 & 6

We all knew that Hunters scaled poorly in late PVE for Vanilla… We knew that. We knew the reasons it did too. It wasn’t addressed until TBC.

They aren’t going to make changes to help with this. I know that time is approaching/arriving and its annoying to see your class start to fall behind, but this was literally destined to happen. Classic is not and never has been about addressing the flaws in Vanilla.

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You’re asking for a balance change; this is a big no no. Take your class as you get it, or reroll. I personally went up to Naxx as a hunter, so I can tell you all about how neglected the class is during the AQ 40 period; but it is what it is. You should enjoy the fact that you’re playing the best BG class and easiest raiding class. Furthermore, if you did any kind of research, you would know what you were in for.

Bank the class until burning crusade if you don’t like it here.


#nochanges, and I say this as a hunter main

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No changes.

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Actually, I’m suggesting an update to ambiguous environmental mechanics in line with current fixes being implemented by the dev team.

The benefits to hunter damage and raid balance across all classes are simply reasons to prioritize the update in Phases 5 & 6.

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I think all 9 classes – actually all 27 sub-classes – have a ton of things that could be improved in Classic. I can’t see Blizzard improving only hunters.

Everyone knows (even Blizzard) that Classic has a ton of imperfections, and a ton of things that could be improved. But for some reason, tons of players want to play Vanila (not some “improved” version), so Blizzard allows it.

I don’t even think Blizzard HAS a “dev team” for Classic WoW.

I would also love to see hunters not fall off, like we know they will.

However, I would prefer if world buffs were stripped from all players when they enter 40-man raid instances. This would improve balance even more, and make raiding challenging enough to keep up with 2020 raid knowledge.

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No hunter buffs. Hunters were a meme in Vanilla used mostly to make fun of the people named xXxLegolazzXxX360.

It is important to maintain that part of their heritage.

lol, playing a hunter in classic.

Dude, seriously. Everyone knew what vanilla hunters were like. They are mostly worthless in pve. People like you should have been asking for classic+ from the start. Since you weren’t you aren’t going to get these kind of changes now because the ‘no changes’ people won. Yes there are changes but in principal there won’t be changes like you’re asking for because those are the kind of no changes they’re talking about from the start.

It wasn’t a bug, it applies to only melee attack power. It wasn’t changed until TBC patch because of AP flask

Sheesh. Tough crowd. It would be one thing if the guy was asking for a major change in class mechanics, but this would literally take about 30 minutes total time for coding + testing short of the code just being garbage. Also even with these buffs I don’t think it makes up the difference hunters are missing from other dps classes.

All that said, unless you are in a hardcore guild that is cutting off hunters, I am not sure it matters. We have everything under the sun in our 2 bwl farms.

No changes.

You’re playing a 15 year old game

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My advice to you is to stop looking at what other classes are doing and focus on your own hunter, you are never going to be the best dps in the raid but you can sometimes hit the top 5 because melees particularly warriors are extremely prone to getting smashed because they have no aggro dumps and wear leather/mail and generally low stamina budget pieces. There must always be a few hunters in the raid, if you are the best hunter on the server then you will always have a spot, right now there are hunters able to do 800+ dps on every fight, not only is that good enough for all content but it’d probably be higher dps than most guild’s top warrior

Who are these hunters and what do I need to do on my hunter to emulate them?

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no changes

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Questions from that.

  1. How do you know it was not a bug( I never said it was a bug but please answer that question anywho)
    2.I know it only applies to melee attack power why did you feel the need to repeat what I said?
  2. Where and from who did you get the info that it was changed in TBC patch BECAUSE of the AP flask alone.

Please explain these 3 things to me.

World buffs are effectively removed in tbc

Hunters falling off is a part of this version of the game. No changes.

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Because buffs that give AP only gave Melee AP in vanilla. There was now a AP flask, if it only gave melee AP it would be silly.

Do you even read patch notes man?