Deadmines pet battle

I just started collecting pets a while ago. I have been doing pet battles with trainers but no PVP. Some how I picked up a quest to go to deadmines and do pet battles. I didn’t really know what to expect but gave it a try. It was fun. At the end the guy gave me a purple stone (can’t remember the exact title but you know).

So here’s my question. Can I do this again if so how often and will I always get the same reward?

Does every dungeon have a pet section? ( I don’t do regular dungeons)

Thanks (not my main pictured)

No. After this point, you’ll receive a pet dungeon-specific reward. Each pet dungeon has their own currency, so you can’t use a currency from Deadmines in the Celestial Tournament.

You can do each pet dungeon once per week per account.

ETA: The only exception to this is the first time you run the dungeon. You can run it once on normal mode, which gave you the Ultimate Battle-Training Stone, and then again on challenge mode (no healing pets). I believe the Celestial Tournament is the only one without a normal mode.

No. There are currently five pet dungeons:

Wailing Caverns : This dungeon gives no currency, but gives a bag of pet supplies on completion called Damp Pet Supplies. There are three pets that have a chance from dropping from this bag-- Cavern Moccasin, Young Venomfang, and the Everliving Spore. The Everliving Spore is the rarest of the three.

You’ll also receive a pet for completing this dungeon on challenge mode called Son of Skum.

Deadmines: This dungeon gives a currency known as “Old Bottle Cap”, which you can exchange for three different pets: Foe Reaper 0.9, Pocket Cannon, and Tricorne.

You’ll also receive a pet for completing this dungeon on challenge mode: Mining Monkey

The Celestial Tournament (Timeless Isle): This dungeon also rewards currency called “Celestial Coin”, and can be exchanged for four different pets: Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon; Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen; Zao, Calfling of Niuzao; and Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-ji

There is no pet reward for completion of this dungeon.

Gnomeregan: This dungeon gives a currency called “Pristine Gizmo”, and is the currency for three pets: Alarm-O-Dog, Leper Rat, and Mechanical Cockroach.

You will also receive a pet for completing this dungeon on challenge mode: Mini Spider Tank

Stratholme: This is the newest dungeon, and rewards a currency called, “Cleansed Remains”, and is used to buy four pets: Gruesome Belcher, Shrieker, Ziggy, and Crypt Fiend.

This dungeon is unique, in that there are two special NPCs inside. One is Postmaster Malown, and beating him will reward a pet called Burnout. The other NPC is Fras Siabi and will reward an additional Cleansed Remain if you’re able to beat him.

This dungeon also gives a pet as a reward for beating it on challenge mode: Minimancer


Thank you very much. That was a very helpful reply.


Also here, if you have an engineer you can purchase, with the dungeon currency a schematic to make the Mechantula pet.


also the difficulty level of the celestial tournament is an order of magnitude higher than the others.


and by far the prettiest pets as rewards

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If you go into Stratholme and don’t get Fras Siabi (he spawns, if he’s going to, after the plagued rats in the tunnel) you can leave by talking to the paladin, heal up, and go back in. Seems to spawn about 1 in 4. Basically depends whether getting double currency for the week is worth the time to you.

I have never looked for the letter for the postmaster and been unable to find it, so I suspect it spawns every time; just a matter of hunting it down.

The letter isn’t a guaranteed spawn. However, you can just keep reseting the dungeon after checking the first area spawn points, (no battling needed), until you find it.

I case in hasn’t been mentioned, after the initial trip through (when you got your purple rock) you’ll need a DEEP pet roster to complete them. Your ability to heal your pets will be disabled.

One of the benefits to beating the challenge mode is that you can port to the dungeon from Dalaran (an elemental in the pet shop).

That will entirely depend on the dungeon. WCs, not so much, Strat you just need a reasonable roster of Aquatics and Critters, while Gnomer you might need to pick up some elementals, and I can’t remember the last time I ran Deadmines, so I’d have no clue there. The Celestial Tournament is where you’ll really need to diversify your roster to pick up specific pets.

Other than that, unless you’re going for the Family achievements, the dungeons aren’t nearly as bad.

I’m not sure if the teleports are still active in Dalaran, but they are definitely in the new capitols: Boralus and Dazar’alor.

That’s good to know. They are still in Dalaran, that’s where I’ve been going.

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I usually route through Dalaran because Manapoof is shouting distance from the dalaran hearthstone location. Finding them in Boralus is annoying.

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