Deadmines or Diremaul?

it really seemed to depend on a lot of factors honestly, the launch servers that had people from beta who had ran DM during called it that pretty much primarily , but that was still only not everyone, more new people kind of seemed to go either way.

EU launched with Dire Maul open , so it really became an oddity with being referred to as DM or VC, and unless I am mistaken is the only dungeon in all of WoW ,who used the end bosses name as its shorthand.

Dude this is legit not true. When I started deadmines was DM, yes. After a while I 100% saw a slight transition and saw both DM and VC. I have never played a private server. You may not have seen VC but that doesn’t mean it never happened on live servers. I remember this because as a newer player it was slightly confusing for me until someone cleared it up

That being said… I prefer DM.

Edit: Alliance Frostmane US in vanilla. Since I’m guessing this was a realm to realm thing.

Edit 2: just scrolled up and realized that my post was pointless and this had been said. My apologies

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stop with this already

Dire Maul

I’m over it.

Not to reignite the issue, I was looking up a separate function and found an in-game support webpage from Blizzard for WoW: What are some common terms and acronyms in the World of Warcraft?

DM: Is short for “Dire Maul”.

VC: Stands for Van Cleff and is used to refer to “The Deadmines”.

When I read through and found that I thought it was amusing considering the strong feelings had from both sides in this thread. It points to VC being a common, if not preferred, acronym for The Deadmines. The first instance I found of either being described in this support page was the capture point November 27, 2005. It’s kind of an interesting thing to look at the changes over time. For example, the December 6, 2004 capture point has AV as meaning Ashenvale (which I had forgotten it being used for this purpose in moderate frequency prior to the addition of Alterac Valley).

AV: Is short for “Ashenvale”.

I just thought I would share since it was interesting to me. I don’t remember some of the listed acronyms being used, though. Con (short for consider apparently), GZ (apparently stands for Gadgetzan instead of grats or gratz), LS (apparently for Lakeshire instead of line of sight or LoS), OG (verus Org), Temple (versus ST) don’t ring much of a bell. I think many, early on, believed Orgrimmar was spelled Ogrimmar. :sunglasses:

From the viewpoint of blizzard this would make sense, as they don’t have the linear leveling point-of-view of playing the game, they see all of it at once.

If you’re an employee at blizz, using VC makes sense as it’s easier to tell things apart when you are looking at the game as a whole. Players don’t have this look-down spreadsheet perspective.

So it’s easy to see how acronyms evolved through patch’s for players.

I’ve never heard of “AV” for Ashenvale. In fact, I’ve never seen anyone use acronyms for zones, only raids and dungeons. When chatting with players, we usually used shorthand like “Ash” or just spelled it out.

If someone was asking for help, you’d just click them and it would tell you where they were in the chat window.

intentionally necros a worthless thread

Of all the threads you could necro why choose a stupid thread like this LOL?

Less than a week from last post is NOT a necro.

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Stop digging up facts and evidence for people who can’t be convinced. Just write them off.

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This isn’t true at all. Brady official wow guide published in 2004 states DM is called VC on page 9. Proving the instance was called VC at launch in an official guide.

Anyone who would write or buy a physical guide to an ever-changing MMO is obviously a noob and therefore would call DM, VC.

Yeah who cares that the game was new and the content is sponsored by Blizzard.

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You have no evidence of your claims. You’re just a VC kid living in a DM world, son.


The Brady guide is on archive . org.

Non issue for me, shift left click names to check level of person forming group and you know instantly.

The official statement from Blizzard proving you’re wrong is also on there. Get mad nerd, you lost this one. Get over it.

The only time I saw people call it DM is when they were new. But everyone knew what they were asking for anyway.

Drama over an abbreviated name is a bit ridiculous if you think about it.

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muh immersion is why