Dead is an understatement

  • PuGs are nearly non-existent.

  • Finding groups for anything, dungeons or quests takes literal hours to assemble and generally just crumble.

  • Quest zones devoid of life and you’ll constantly abandon group quests while leveling because theirs never anyone around to do them with.

  • Auction house stagnant and slow moving, zero point to the cross-faction AH’s thus they’re just crowded with Stranglethorn pages exclusively as the population is just not there.

  • Even at supposed “peak” times /1 and /2 in major cities is essentially devoid of life. I’ve been trying to give away the Mithril Spurs I’d crafted and couldn’t even find people to hand them off to.

  • Zone chats of course are even worse than the cities and you can hang around all day and not see anything said, no banter, no trade, no groups.

There’s low pop and then there’s Felstriker. When will we have paid transfers open? I’m absolutely done with the single player game experience here.


rolls eyes

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Save it bud, even at 2005 standards this server is TOO low of a pop, that is a thing that can happen.

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Alright, seeya

this post will prob be removed but i have to quit this game with blizzard’s recent action to ban hearthstone player (and firing casters) for supporting hong kong


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A merge is needed, I’m feeling it too… very difficult to find pug groups with like a maximum of 10 groups looking for more across ALL LEVELS… and like 2-3 guilds on each side that are 10/10 MC. I thought the free transfers would fix it, but alas they did not and people would rather sit in queue for 30+ mins than risk moving to a ghost town server

I’ll happily move to Remulos if thats what it takes… or there needs to be a merge into the other two PVP servers. But something needs to be done, opening it up late was a quick fix

Im feeling it too a little.

Very hard to find groups for mid lvl dungeons.

Never had this issue in vanilla

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It is strange because there are more active players on this realm than there was on any realm in vanilla.

I have noticed the same thing when on my alts.

Yeah I’m starting to find it really tough… It takes hours to find a group for a dungeon, usually only to be crumbled by the tank getting fed up and leaving 2 hours into the search ect. My quest list is full of elite quests that have been there for over a week which seem impossible to find anyone interested in doing. Some of them I have left up LFG posts for several days… I’ve spent over half of my time in game trying to organize / negotiate groups while solo questing… and I’m quickly running out of solo quests to do in the game.
After two weekends of failed attempts, I’m not confident I’ll ever get “order must be restored” done without a serious effort from multiple guilds to work together and organize it in advance, and bring in the numbers required ect… and it should only need 10-15 people… Something needs to happen, either we all need to seriously adjust and organise ourselves a lot better, like getting a server wide discord where people can plan to do elite quests days in advance ect and commit to actually turning up… or the server needs to be merged / there needs to be a lot more pressure put onto the other servers to transfer here.

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Yeah - that’s your reason…lol

Curious if the population is still really low ?

Not sure if it’s because I’m new and low lvl, but in the 2 days since I’ve started playing I’ve been invited to 2 dungeon partys and at least 4 seperate questing groups (horde). It’s not crowded but it’s definitely not dead either

Alliance pop is ridiculous these days, seems a lot of peeps transferred over when they had the opportunity.

Probably shouldn’t promote it as Felstriker Horde, but things seem good on Alliance at the moment.

I made a tauren warrior alt recently. Level 10 now. Do u have a leveling guild ur part of that u can recommend to a fresh starter?

totally agree it is like a ghost town. even worse since PVP started with honour kills.