DDOS? no login

lmfao not at all

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

You studied law and yet manage to assume so much while being completely ignorant.


ddos at 5am on hump day out of nowhere.

hmmkay. classic blizz lol

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Someone didn’t like their vault this week :frowning:


toxicity detected

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DDOS are bad! :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

1+1= A Window

Probably Communist China attacking American companies. “Comply with CCP orders or you’ll get the same again! Stupid capitalists!”

But I’m pretty sure Blizzard/Activision falls in line pretty well, so who knows?

You do know even the best “Secured Servers” are still able to be DDoS’d.

Funny thing is, I already logged off for the night, and was trying to start up SC2. I really need to find that workaround that lets you access the games without the Battle.net launcher…

Edit: Oh hey, figured it out.

Maintenance started on Black Desert the same minute all this started happening. Server went down on BDO, I start bnet, and it wont connect. I look at reddit, thread complaining about it 1 minute old. I think it is South Korean plot against Activision!

I was finally able to log in by bypassing the bnet log in and using the wow app directly in my wow folder.

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I suggest each and everyone of you to send Blizzard a support ticket to prorate any subscription fee for all of the ridiculously long queue times… This is a huge company. Any other company would do the same. Your internet goes down? They compensate you for that time lost. Let’s all do it. We are the consumers and this is the treatment we deserve for lack of resources and queue times. #forthepeople

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Haha it is a dumb kite but at least no flappy noise

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Karen thinking they will start a movement



64 mins… Then 22. Then back to 40. Now at 25.
These timers are up and down like the Persian Empire.

Keep it alive! Keep it going! Thanks for the requote!

go to the wow folder then the classic folder on your pc. then open wowclassic.exe . this will skip battle.net launcher

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I don’t know whats going on but more importantly is it going to be fixed soon? Or did the one tech they have on duty clock out for the night?

ok im getting annoyed that this is taking so long…

You’re a livesaver. This works for retail too.